• Oakmont IB Course Offerings
    Oakmont Course Offerings

    Available IB subjects at Oakmont

    Click on the ab initio, SL or HL after the name of the course to access the subject briefs for that course.

    Group 1: Language and literature
    Language A: literature HL

    Group 2: Second language
    French ab initio/SL/HL
    Spanish ab initio/SL/HL

    Group 3: Individuals and societies
    Business management SL
    History SL/HL
    World religions SL

    Group 4: Sciences
    Biology SL/HL
    Chemistry SL
    Computer Science SL
    Design technology SL/HL

    Environmental systems and societies SL
    Physics SL/HL

    Group 5: Mathematics
    Mathematics SL/HL

    Group 6: The Arts
    Dance SL/HL
    Film SL/HL
    Music SL/HL
    Theatre SL/HL
    Visual arts SL/HL

    Core Requirements:
    Extended Essay (EE) Access the new EE website HERE
    Theory of Knowledge

    • ab initio: 'From the beginning'
      Language classes offered to students wishing to complete the Diploma program, but did not have access to Spanish or French classes prior to their Junior Year.

    • SL: Standard Level Course
      These courses MAY be completed in one academic year, schedule permitting. Generally, Standard Level courses do not earn college credit.  Please check with the college you are interested in for more information.

    • HL: Higher Level Course
      These courses MUST be taken over two academic years.  They cover the material to a greater depth and level of detail.  Many colleges accept HL courses for credit if a student passes the exam with a score of 4 or higher (out of 7).  Please check with the college you are interested in for more information.

    Pathways in the IB Program - IB Diploma Vs IB Course 
    Each IB student needs to choose which pathway is going to be best fit for their educational goals.
    Students should attend the grade 9 and 10 monthly meetings to learn more about their options and the various pathways in IB.
    Differences between IB Diploma and IB Course

    IB Diploma Candidate:
    Diploma students must choose one course from Groups 1 through 5. The sixth subject may be from Group 6 or another subject offered at the school in Groups 3 or 4. Students will complete a combination of 3 SL and 3 HL courses or 2 SL and 4 HL courses. It is important to note that many IB classes have prerequisite courses.
    Students also have to complete the Core requirements:
    • The Extended Essay
    • Theory of Knowledge
    • Creativity, Action, and Service

    IB Diploma Course Candidate:
    • Course students can choose from 1 to 6 IB classes. This allows students to take IB classes in their strongest areas.
      They will not meet the requirements for the IB Diploma. Students are highly encouraged to explore their capabilities as a student and work towards the diploma.