• Prospective student timeline

    Prospective students


    8th Grade

    • Students should familiarize themselves with the IB Program at Oakmont High School. If a parent initiates this process, then the student needs to be an integral part of the research and the discussion of the program.
    • In October of 8th grade, the student and parents should attend the Oakmont High School Information evening. This approximately 2 hour presentation will cover the details of what the IB Program is about and how we offer it at Oakmont High School.
    • The application period for the IB Program opens in early January and closes in late February. It is encouraged that students apply early to the program; especially transfer students.
      Note: Do not apply for any transfers until you have been accepted to the IB program (most districts start their transfer process in February).
    • Attend all school sponsored information meetings and registration evenings.
    • No special classes need to be taken in 8th grade, but students do need to master all Algebra 1 standards by the end of 8th grade (and pass the OHS Math Department placement test). If a student has the opportunity to take a level 1 language class in French or Spanish then they are highly encouraged to.
    • Students do not have to apply for IB in grade 8, but they do need to take the required 9th and 10th grade courses to start IB in grade 11. Also, during the 9th and 10th grade monthly meetings are held so that students get to know each other as well as learn about the IB program from the coordinator, students and teachers.

    9th and 10th Grades

    • Please click here to view sample schedules and IB Prerequisites for 9th and 10th grade.

    11th and 12th Grades

    • Please click here to view prerequisites for IB classes. Students must successfully complete the prerequisites prior to enrolling in an IB class.
    • Please click here to view our course planning guide for IB Certificate students (also known as Course students).
    • Please click here to view our course planning guide for IB Diploma students.