• Exam Registration

    Exam registration is done through ManageBac. For more information please contact the IB Coordinator.
    IB exam fees can be found on the IB website.

    Testing Schedule and Information

    All students involved with an external exam, need to be aware of the rules and regulations for examinations. Mrs. Geluk will train all of the students in April during both lunches.  This is a mandatory training.  Students need this information before exams begin in May.
    Please see the IB Conduct of Examinations student handout.

    Exam Results and Transcripts

    Colleges require that you submit a transcript with your Oakmont HS classes and grades, but they also want your IB Scores reported as well.  You will need to request the OHS transcript from the office and the IB score transcript through the IB Coordinator.

    The IB Transcript request is part of the IB survey.  Students must fill this out no later than May 1 to have a free transcript sent to their university.

    Results will be issued directly to the institution in electronic or paper format (a transcript) in July.  Your university should receive your scores no later than the end of July.  You might need to check with your transcript services on campus to ensure they have received and entered the credit - most schools don't automatically apply these scores to your transcripts.

    You are allowed ONE transcript to be sent.  If you choose not to send a transcript by May 1st then you will have to pay for your own transcript to be sent.


    All students can check their results on the IB website.
    Students will need to have their Personal Code and PIN that was given to them during the April testing meeting.

    Former students who need a new transcript sent to a school or to request a new certificate/diploma can visit the IB website. The IB coordinator will not be able to assist you in this request unless you need to know your PIN or Personal Code from a specific year.