Welcome to all students interested in the International Baccalaureate

  • Introduction to the Diploma Program
    IB Diploma Program Model

    The IB Diploma Program is designed to be a consistent international curriculum such that all Universities can be guaranteed the same results from each IB student. The IB Program is a rigorous program designed to prepare students for any post-high school education - especially University level work. Students are taught and then asked to perform at a University level of work, commitment, and dedication. Time management is just as important as the student's desire to learn and become a life long learner.

    IB by The Numbers...
    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) has grown in popularity over the years, rivalling other options such as A-Level, national and state certifications, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
    Since September 2019, there were 6,812 IB Programs being offered worldwide, across 5,175 schools in 157 countries. There are currently 3,293 Diploma schools worldwide, of which 942 are in the United States.

The value of an IB education
Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford University, Debra Von Bargen has firsthand experience working with many IB graduates. She is excited to see how a student has taken on the IB and knows that IB students show very high success rates during their first year of university.

Andrew Arida from the University of British Columbia tells us how the Diploma Program prepares students to be successful in both the STEM fields and liberal arts