• The Mission of Antelope High School Athletics is to provide student-athletes with a positive, high quality extra-curricular experience that promotes character development and overall student success. Our programs and coaches are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of the student athlete, to the social development of the whole person and strive to use athletics as a vehicle to help teach, reinforce and emphasize important life skills.

    AnHS Athletic Clearance

    We no longer accept paper copies of forms for clearance as we have switched to an online clearance system.  Every student wishing to participate in tryouts, practices or contests MUST be cleared by AnHS Athletics.  As part of the clearance process, every athlete is required to have a yearly physical from a qualified physician.  The physical must be completed ON OR AFTER MAY 20, 2019 in order to be valid for the 2019 – 2020 Athletic School year.  Please follow the directions below to complete the online clearance process.

    Download the Clearance Form Here

    Online Athletics Clearance Process

    To begin the clearance process, please visit the ATHLETICS CLEARANCE online site to get started, AFTER YOU READ the directions below. You will need to sign up for each sport your athlete would like to participate in and AnHS must give clearance for each sport.   You may wish to sign your student up for ALL SPORTS.  Please follow the directions below.


    1.   Start the online process at Athletic Clearance - http://www./athleticclearance.com
    2.   Register for an account using the parent's email address
    3.   Once registered, click on the "Start Clearance Here" tab - If you have more than one student attending AnHS, you must complete the clearance for each student.  If your student plans on playing more than one sport, you must complete a clearance for each sport individually, or select ALL SPORTS.
    4.   Complete the student information page - NOTE: You MUST have insurance or purchase the school insurance BEFORE  your student can be cleared for participation. Brochures are available in the front office for the school insurance option.
    5.   Enter the Student ID #, from Homelink. It's also on the Student ID card; it starts with a "6" and is six digits. New (incoming students only), use 000000 for the ID number for now.   It's ok to use the parent email for student email address
    6.   Download and print the District Health Exam/Physical Form for your doctor/medical facility to complete.  This form MUST have the Physician/Medical Facility Official Stamp/Name/Date on it or it WILL NOT be valid.
    7.   Physical Complete? UPLOAD/SCAN your completed District Health Exam/Physical form for the Athletic Clearance
    8.   The Student AND Parent/Guardian MUST electronically "sign" the required sections before submitting
    9.   Submit and save the clearance.
    10. You will receive a confirmation email when everything has been submitted.
    11.  AnHS front office will review your input/physical and will clear the athlete if ALL is correct.

    Multiple Student/Sport: Click on the “Start Clearance Here” tab and when you hit the “Student Information” page, select your athlete on the drop down option. Most information is saved, including your physical, however, some will require you to resubmit for each student.  Go through the Medical History, Parent/Guardian info and signatures to be cleared for the additional sports.

    Athletic Eligibility


    2.0 GPA and pass 3 classes during the last grading period


    Clear all fines and detentions; meet training rules; abide by handbook guidelines


    Complete Residential Eligibility Information form; transfer students must complete additional forms and meet with the AnHS Athletic Director.