• Maintenance Work Request Process 

    The SPMMS (School Preventive Maintenance Management System) is required to be used to for all requests to "repair school property, grounds, buildings and equipment" regardless of magnitude.  Work Requests are not verbally asked or emailed to site maintenance workers. The only time a verbal work orders is permitted is if the issue is of serious nature such as “water, gas, roof leak, possible cause of personal injury and/or school property”

    This system should not be used to request work associated with non-budgeted construction improvements or modifications to school property. The 700 Budget Development process is to be used for these types of projects. Sites wishing to do a non-budget improvement has the option to fund the cost for all the work.  Note: A Construction Improvement Request form is required for all improvement projects.

    The Maintenance Work Request process:

    The Site Administrator or designated school site office person is to enter and submit the work request using the SPMMS Desk" Work Order System using clear, specific, and understandable language.

    A work request should be specific and clear, for example, "repair latch mechanism on upper window on east side of the multi-use room,” a clear, understandable, and specific description on the work request avoids unnecessary delay and expedites the process.

    NOTE:  A Work Requests should not be submitted for routine work that is typically and routinely performed by the custodial staff

    After the SPMMS Work Request is received the Directors in the Maintenance and Operations department will review, approved, and assign the Maintenance Directors.

    Any questions about the SPMMS Work Order System should be directed to the Site Administrator.