• Please share with all staff who want or request to hold a car wash.

    Car washing is a common and a popular way for schools and sports teams to raise fund but the risk of causing storm water pollution is high.

    ALL car washes on district property must follow the Districts Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP's) and Best Management Practices (BMPs). Whenever car washes occurs on a paved surface it is required that soap, automotive fluids, oils, road grim, mud, grass clippings, etc. does NOT flow into nearby storm drains. The objective is to prevent contaminates from flowing directly into rivers, lakes, wetlands, streams, oceans.


    General Car Washing Guidelines:


    ·         Wash vehicles in an SWPPS approved designated wash facility/area.

    ·         Wash vehicles on grass, gravel, or other permeable surfaces.

    ·         Blocking off the storm drain during charity carwash events or use an insert to catch wash water.

    ·         Pumping soapy water from car washes into a sanitary sewer drain.

    ·         If pumping into a drain is not feasible, pumping car wash water onto grass or landscaping to provide filtration.

    ·         Using hoses with nozzles that automatically turn off when left unattended.

    ·         Using only biodegradable soaps.


    Link to Fish Friendly Car Wash Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZy2Zo5wxuE&NR=1


    Contact the City of Roseville to borrow a Car Wash Kit:  http://www.roseville.ca.us/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=11169


    City of Roseville Storm water website:



    Sacramento County Storm water website:



    Placer County Storm Water website:



    United States EPA website: