• Attention Seniors applying to Sierra College!

    We are excited you have applied for the upcoming Fall 2024 semester. The registration for classes for Promise students starts from April 19th and will continue through the summer, but you have several enrollment steps to complete.
    If you have any questions, please contact me.

    1. mySierra: If you have not already please use the password reset tool to create your mySierra account at https://passwordreset.sierracollege.edu/index.html
        a. You will need the college email provided in our welcome email

    2. mySierra: Once you have created that mySierra account you will then need log into the account – you should then click on the following links.
       a. Two Year Free
       b. Sierra Promise
       c. Next Steps 

    3. Counseling: To prepare for your college counseling appointment please complete the online Career and Academic Planning (CAP) module in the next few days. You will need to know your username and password for mySierra.
       a. mySierra Home > NEXT STEPS > CAP Career & Academic Planning
          1.  Click on the link above, once logged in you can enroll in the module.
          2. The whole online module should take approx. 30 minutes
          3. Any questions contact JD Murillo at jmurillo2@sierracollege.edu

    Ø  IMPORTANT Once the CAP is complete please schedule your college counseling with your Transition Counselor

    Instructions to schedule counseling appointment:

       a. Log into you mySierra
       b. Click on " Counseling, Academic Planning, and Degree Progress"
       c. Scroll down and click on "Make a Counseling Appointment.”
       d. You will land on the counseling department website and click "Schedule an Appointment.”
       e. You will see your success network that includes your counselor. Click on the three little dots to the right of the page and schedule the appointment.
       f. You will select a reason- Appointment with my Transitions Counselor –Your High School (it’s usually the option at the very bottom of the list or the only option)
       g. You will pick a time, date, and location.
       h. Confirm the appointment.
       i. You will receive an email confirming in your Sierra College email.


       a. Please make sure to complete the FAFSA or CADAA by the priority deadline on April 2 nd
          1. You can still fill out after, but the priority deadline ensures access to the most aid if you are eligible.
          2. You can attend workshops by visiting the financial aid website

    If you have any further questions please feel free to join me at my office hours at the
    Library/career and transfer center every Tuesday from 11am-2pm during lunch hours.
    Thank You,

    JD Murillo
    Enrollment Specialist,
    CTE Liaison, Outreach
    Phone: 916-660-7359