• Misinformation vs. Real News:  
    How do you know? 
    Explore the Fake News ThingLink below by hovering over the letters.  You will find all types of video and text resources to help you figure out the difference between fake and real news. 
    Can you identify misinformation? Test your skills here!
  • Digital Literacy:  
    What exactly does that mean? How can teens build these skills? 
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    In today's world of information overload, kids need to feel confident in navigating through information.  How do they know what is real information?  How do they discern fake news from real news?  They need to build their digital literacy skills, that's how.  
    What is digital literacy?

    The American Library Association's digital task force offers this definition: "Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills."

    More simply, Hiller Spires, a professor of literacy and technology at North Carolina State University, views digital literacy as having three buckets: 1) finding and consuming digital content; 2) creating digital content; and 3) communicating or sharing it.

    Credible resources on just how kids today can be digitally literate!
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    These tips, based on the latest research, will help teens' socializing stay fun and safe on both the fixed and mobile social Web. 
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