Presentations will begin the last two weeks of the term.  You have already proven through your mid-term exam that you have the skills necessary to be a Peer Helper.  Now you are showing what you have done with your abilities to make a difference here at Roseville High School.


    You will cover the following 3 areas as you present to the class the grade that you deserve in Peer Helping:


    PAST –

    Present how you have personally changed, grown and improved by being a Peer Helper.



    Present what you have done as a Peer Helper to help others grow and improve, etc.  Be sure to also list your starfish, any projects (Pay It Forward), assemblies you were involved in, students that you tutored,  etc.


    FUTURE –

    Present what you are going to do differently as you leave this class.  Once a Peer Helper always a Peer Helper – “Each for the Other.”  How will you continue to improve the world?


    You will also present the person (your starfish) you reached out to and helped this Term.  You will share all that you did to make a difference in their life.


    You will also include your Final Project in your google slides.  This is something you did to leave a legacy for others.  It may be something for current or future peer helpers.  It make be something to impact our Tiger Community.  It may be something you have done to better our Roseville community or the world.


    You will present all of the above in front of the class through a Google slides presentation. 


    At the end of you presentation you will assign yourself a letter grade of A, B, C or D, based on your effort, time and performance as a Peer Helper.



    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

     Anne Frank