• Study Guide 
    Mid-Term Final
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey 
    The Peer Helper's Pocketbook, by Joan Sturkie & Valerie Gibson
    How Full Is Your Bucket?, by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton
    The 8th Habit, by Stephen R. Covey
    Please list in order the 7 habits from Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens You must have an understanding of each habit.
    What is P.B.A. an acronym for?
    How can you make a deposit in your PBA?
    Why is monitoring your PBA important?
    Define what synergy is.
    Why is synergy important in this class?
    List the Five Languages of Love:
    What is beneficial about knowing the Language of Love for someone you care about?
    What is your learning style?
    How does knowing learning styles help you when tutoring others?
    What would a tutorial look like while taking place?
    Should tutors give students the answers?  Please explain.
    What are the three reportable incidents when engaging in Peer support & advising?
    Why do we have the class rule of RESPECT?  Define Respect as it is lived out in this classroom?
    Define the following conflict styles:
    Why is Active Listening so important when in a helping role?
    List three ways that you can show you are actively listening to someone.
    Explain what using effective “I” messages entails.
    What is enabling?
    What happens in an intervention?
    Psychologist William Glasser states that humans have 5 basic human needs.  Please list our basic needs below. (Add the 6th need that psychologist later identified as a need.)
    When you are handling Conflict Management with other students is it necessary that both parties agree to want help solving the problem?
    List 5 of the ground rules we follow when handling Conflict Management (Peer Mediation).
    When meeting with students in conflict, does the Peer Mediator decide who talks first?
    What is the outcome you look for when mediating for a conflict?
    List every name of the students currently present in this class. 
    In essay form write why Peer Helping is important to you and other students atRoseville High School.  You may want to talk about how this class has helped you, helped someone else or how you have been able to help others, etc.
    Why do we use team building in order to create bonds with others? 
    When using opening games in front of other classes what do we look for in our volunteers?
    How do you know if the team building activity was beneficial?
    What is the advantage to public speaking on campus?
    When public speaking on campus we use personal experience for our talks.  Why is opening with personal experience a powerful tool in Peer Helping?
    How do we employ the 8th Habit? 
    Why is finding your voice important?
    How can you fill another person's bucket?
    How does increasing positive experiences change a person's overall productivity?