• Peer Mediation/Conflict Management Process
    Step 1 -  Verbal Agreement
    Make sure both parties agree to solve the problem before bringing them together for Conflict Management/Peer Mediation and fill out Peer Mediation Report Form.
    Step 2 -  State the Ground Rules
    Agree to solve the problem
    No name calling
    Do not interrupt
    Speak directly to the Peer Helper
    Be honest
    Confidentiality - what is said here stays here
    Step 3 - Direct Discussion
    Peer Helper doing the mediation decides who talks first. 
    (The 1st student who came for help is usually calmer in these situations.)
    Step 4 - Finding a Solution
    Goal:  Resolution should be acceptable to both parties.
    There should be resolve and peace after the mediation process is complete.
    Complete the Peer Mediation Form wtih the resolution stated and file the form.