• The 5 Languages of Love
    People receive love and give love differently. There are 5 ways that love is shown. You usually give love the way that you enjoy it yourself. However, it is important to find out how others rank the languages so that you may give them love in the way that they receive it best. 
         1. Kind Acts -            Having kind things done, i.e., Help cleaning room, work, etc.
         2. Kind Words -        Having nice things said, Compliments, affirmation etc.
         3. Quality Time -      Time spent with someone, Long talks, hanging out, etc.
         4. Gifts -                   Receiving gifts, small or large
         5. Touch -                Pat on the back, hugs, kisses, etc.
    Now rank in order your preference. List your most important love language as number 1 and least important as number 5.
    Discuss this with others and learn how they receive love. You will most likely give love to others the way you receive it best. You may need to change how you show love to people you care about the most. Your goal is to love people in the way they receive it best. However, all 5 languages of love are important. This is how you fill another’s bucket.