• Mr Hudson                                                                                       

    Antelope High School, S103

    916.726.1400 ext 6374





    1. Bring required materials to class daily and be prepared to participate.
    2. Be in the classroom before the tardy bell sounds. The first five tardies may result in your losing participation points.  All additional tardies will result in school consequences as described in the handbook.
    3. Take care of your bathroom needs before class begins. If you choose to use the bathroom during class, participation points will be deducted.
    4. No food or drink is ever allowed in science classrooms.



    1. Students shall use technology (Chromebooks, computers, Laptops, etc)  safely, responsibly, and primarily for educational purposes.
    2. 9th and 10th graders: Bring Chromebooks fully charged and ready to use daily.
    3. Students shall adhere to Student Technology Agreement per Board Policy 6163.4.



    1. 1-inch or larger divided binder which you need to bring to class daily. Divide your binder into the following five sections:  Openers; Notes; Labs; Homework & Worksheets; and Quizzes.  
    2. Textbook: Zumdahl, Zumdahl & DeCoste, World of Chemistry 1st edition.  Cover your textbook and keep it at home.  The textbook replacement cost is $70.
    3. Scientific calculator.
    4. Dry-erase markers.



    Attendance is crucial to your being successful in chemistry.  It is important to attend class every day.  If you must miss class for an excused absence, you will only be allowed the same number of additional days to make up any missing assignments for credit.

    You are responsible for getting all missed work.  Check Blackboard to view the daily agenda and what assignments you missed during your absence.  Worksheets can be obtained from your instructor.  Late work will not be accepted for credit.



    Homework is assigned as practice.  Complete all homework assignments prior to coming to class.  Homework should take you 30 minutes or less per night.  Not all assignments will be scored for points; homework assignments may be graded for specific problems or solely for completeness.  Homework is due at the end of the week it is assigned unless otherwise stated. 



    Each quarter grade will be based in part on a final exam and quizzes.  At the end of each week, you will be quizzed on that week’s material, but past material may be included as well.  Quizzes may include questions worth bonus points; however, you must be in class on the day of the quiz to earn them.  If you miss a quiz due to an excused absence, you must schedule and make up the quiz within one calendar week.  The final exam is worth 20% of your quarter grade.



    You will do many experiments and activities during this course, designed to give you practical experience with concepts covered in class.  Read the material presented in the lab ahead of time and come prepared for the experiment.  You must have a completed safety contract on file, wear appropriate lab attire, and complete all pre-lab questions prior to the lab period in order to participate and earn lab points.  An incomplete pre-lab or inappropriate attire will bar you from that lab and no credit will be earned.  Completed lab experiments are due two school days following the end of the lab unless your instructor states otherwise. 

    All data collected during class must be recorded in ink; any errors must be crossed out with a single line; data recorded in pencil will result in lost lab points. Never invent or copy data, but use all values that you measure in the experiment. 

    Any missed lab or activity, due to an excused absence, can be made up after school on Wednesdays, or by special arrangement with the instructor.



    You will be allowed to submit one late assignment for partial credit within three days of its due date.  Additional late work will receive a score of zero, but only if submitted within three days of its due date.  If you have no assignments missing from the gradebook at the end of the quarter, you may choose one assignment (excluding the final exam) to eliminate from your grade.



    Academic dishonesty of any type will not be tolerated.  If your instructor suspects any student of attempting to provide answers, copy answers, look up online solutions, even to “check work,” that student will receive a score of zero, parents will be contacted, and the student will be referred for administrative action. 



    Grades will be weighted in the following categories. 

    Quizzes:                                   40%

    Labs & Activities:                     30%

    Homework & Worksheets:        10%

    Final Exam:                              20%


    Letter grades will be assigned based on the following percentages:

    98% - 100% =  A+                    93% - 97%   =  A                      90% - 92%   =  A-

    88% - 89%   =  B+                    83% - 87%   =  B                      80% - 82%   =  B-

    78% - 79%   =  C+                    73% - 77%   =  C                      70% - 72%   =  C-

    68% - 69%   =  D+                    63% - 67%   =  D                      60% - 62%   =  D-

    0%   - 59%   =  F


    You can access your grades online at homelink.rjuhsd.us and your Blackboard website account for daily agendas and instructional materials at rjuhsd.blackboard.com.



    Your instructor is available most days immediately before school and after school until 3pm as well as during intervention periods Tuesday - Friday. If you are unable to meet during these times, you may make an appointment and every effort will be made to meet with you to provide additional support.