• Support Services Directory

    As a district wide position under the direction of the Director of Special Education, the primary functions of a Program Specialist are to assist with the overall coordination and implementation of Special Education services, fulfill the role of LEA representative at IEP meetings, provide various mental health and behavioral and other supports to staff, students, and families.  They serve as a liaison between the Director of Special Education and school staff, and provide information and training regarding implementing and maintaining services within relevant procedures and regulations.


    Contact information for the Program Specialist is below:

    Adelante High School
      Bryan Johnson,  



    Oakmont High School
      Bryan Johnson,  

      916-786-2051,  ext 2011

    Antelope High School
      Sheila Noyes,  




    Roseville High School
      Jeff Clark,  

      916-786-2051,  ext 3029

    Challenge High School
      Danielle Genzlinger,  




    West Park High School
      Dani Genzlinger,  

      916-786-2051, ext 7020

    Granite Bay High School
      Jan Lucas,



    Woodcreek High School
      Karen Hummel,  Program Specialist

      916-786-2051, ext 4026



    A variety of other support staff provide vital assistance to parents, students, and schools.  There contact information is listed below:

    Administrative Support Staff,  916-771-6570
        Carolyn Timm,  Administrative Secretary for Special Education, ctimm@rjuhsd.us 

        Kathleen Kane, Administrative Assistant,  kkane@rjuhsd.us


    School Psychologists
        Audrey Tekerlek,  atekerlek@rjuhsd.us 

        Rachel Barnett,  rbarnett@rjuhsd.us 

        Renee Bielawski,  rbielawski@rjuhsd.us

        Shietel Chhana,   schhana@rjuhsd.us  

        Shelly Davis,  shdavis@rjuhsd.us

        Amanda DeCarl,  adecarl@rjuhsd.us
        Kim Lewandowski,  klewandowski@rjuhsd.us

        Dominique Neely,  dneely@rjuhsd.us

        Annie Richardson,  arichardson@rjuhsd.us

        Angela Sanchez,  asanchez@rjuhsd.us

        Sheila Stein,  sstein@rjuhsd.us 


     Adapted PE Specialist
        Lance Fischer, 


     Speech Therapists
        Andrew Basham,  abasham@rjuhsd.us

        Leah Contaxis,  lcontaxis@rjuhsd.us

        Christi Irwin,  cirwin@rjuhsd.us

        Sam Ryner,  sryner@rjuhsd.us

        Aubrey Vagnone, 


    Workability staff

      Kathy Feller,  kfeller@rjuhsd.us

             916-786-2051 x5841,   lrussi@rjuhsd.us


    Educationally Related Mental Health Specialists
      Sabreen Amrein, 916-786-2051, ext 4923   samrein@rjuhsd.us
      Colette Booterbaugh, 916-786-2051, ext 4922  cbooterbaugh@rjuhsd.us