• 2013-2015 District Goals

       1.  Implement Common Core

             Define Essential Learnings at Depth of Knowledge levels 2, 3, 4 for English and Math
             Construct and implement new District Common Assessment performance tasks
             Implement key literacy strategies in all current content areas
             Identify academic vocabulary in every content area by grade-level

        2.  Implement systemic intervention to support all struggling learners

             Provide access to every under-performing student (every means EVERY)
             Identify differentiated instruction strategies
             Communicate a directed, timely, systemic intervention model
             Clarify guidelines/rubrics for student accountability (grading)
             Celebrate benchmark successes that motivate further student achievement and success

       3.  Implement high-functioning PLTs district-wide

             Communicate clearly that RJUHSD is a PLC district
             Implement PLTs working interdependently toward a mutually accountable common goal
             Establish clear protocols/procedures indicative of high-functioning PLTs
             Celebrate high-functioning PLTs
       Standard Operating Objectives for each site measure outcomes that meet or exceed these Thematic Goals and Defining Objectives.