Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
     What is the Placer County SELPA CAC?

    The Placer County SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC) primarily includes the Local Plan Area’s parents/guardians of students with special needs along with volunteers and professionals who work with students with special needs. It is facilitated by the Placer County SELPA and includes representatives from each Local Education Agency (LEA) in Placer County SELPA.


     What does the SELPA CAC do?

    The goal of the SELPA CAC is to empower and equip parents of students with special needs to become effective team members in their child’s education. They do that by helping parents gain knowledge of the special education system; learning how to communicate effectively with other team members; and by providing opportunities for training and support.


     Where to get more information?

    The SELPA CAC Family Handbook is also available to download at www.placercoe.k12.ca.us under SELPA Parent Resources.

    1.  Go to www.placercoe.k12.ca.us

    2.  Locate Services to Students and Parents

    3.  Scroll down to SELPA

    4.  Click on SELPA

    5.  Click on “Parent Resources” on left

    6.  Click on the SELPA CAC Parent Handbook