• Question: "What technology items need to be approved by the District Technology Department prior to purchase?"

    The answer to the above question is: Technology items needing approval are any items designed to run on or work with an existing computer, electronic device, or connection to the district/site computer or telephone networks. This includes any item that is attached to (internally, externally, or wireless), or installed on (all software) an existing piece of equipment or device.

    All technology items must be approved prior to any purchase (including employee reimbursements, on-line orders, purchases made on existing open PO's, ASB POs, etc.) regardless of the funding source.

    Certain technology items must be checked for compatibility and interoperability with the District's computer and network systems prior to purchase to avoid or minimize incompatibilities and problems and/or delays when received and installed. It is for the purpose of attempting to deploy the right product the first time that the Technology Purchasing Process and the Technology Standards Price List have been established.

    To streamline and make this process as simple as possible, the Technology Standards Price List will be used to purchase the most common items requiring approval. This list will be compiled in conjunction with the Site Technology Coordinators group. Every item on this list will be verified to work in our environment and is considered acceptable for purchase from the specified vendor only. The District Technology Department will maintain a current list and make it available to all personnel that are interested. Items that are not on the Technology Standards Price List must follow the established approval method described in the Technology Purchasing Process.


    These are some of the more common examples:

    Requiring Technology Department Approval (see Technology Standards Price List for up-to-date listing of several standardized equipment):

    NOT Requiring Technology Department Approval

    • Any requisition coded TYPE 22 (ITP budget)
    • ALL SOFTWARE (including, but not limited to: newly purchased software, upgrades, renewals and maintenance contracts for prior orders, etc.)
    • All web-based applications
    • Desktop computer
    • Notebook computer
    • Power cables
    • Projectors
    • Wireless telephone headsets
    • Replacement Laptop/Desktop parts
    • Telephones
    • Faxes
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • All repairs for broken, damaged, or non-functional equipment
    • Mobile devices (iOS/Android/Chromebook)
    • Carts for mobile devices
    • Digital Classroom packages

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding purchases of devices and peripherals being connected to a district PC, please email acarlotti@rjuhsd.us

    • All "consumable" supplies
    • Inkjet printer cartridges
    • Inkjet print head replacements
    • Laser printer toner cartridges
    • Laser printer fusers
    • Printer drum kits
    • Copier toner cartridges
    • Copier fusers
    • Blank CD-ROMs
    • Blank CD-RWs
    • USB "Flash" drive/memory stick
    • VCR
    • DVD
    • TV not connected to a computer
    • Video cable/connector
    • Coax, RCA, or S-video cables
    • External speakers and headphones
    • All external hard drives
    • Copiers
    • All repairs/maintenance contracts for all printers
    • Furniture