• Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education 


    To develop more fully the academic and career technical skills of secondary and post-secondary education students who elect to enroll in CTE programs.

     Perkins IV

    Brings CTE into the 21st century

    • Guarantees modern, durable and rigorous CTE programs

    • Prepares students for global competition

    • Focuses on careers of the future and ongoing changes in current industry sectors


    Key Features of Perkins IV

    •Aligned with No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

    •Expanded to include preparation for careers that require a baccalaureate and possibly a master’s degree


    Emphasis on:

    •high quality programs that prepare individuals for high skill, high wage, and high demand careers

    •integration of academic and career technical education

    •CTE sequences of courses

    •Increased Accountability

    •on the appropriate use of Perkins IV funds at the state and local levels

    •on achieving the state’s agreed-upon performance levels in all core indicators



    California’s Priorities for CTE

    •CTE is woven into the fabric of education, NOT a separate system of education.

    •Programs respond to real workforce needs, and state, regional, or local labor market realities.

    •All students have access to CTE courses, pathways, and programs of interest