• The Technology Department is responsible for all aspects of the centralized technology purchasing process (from purchase requisition system entry through delivery of goods/services).

    Effective July 1, 2003 (revised August 11, 2004)

    All technology items must be approved prior to any purchase, including employee reimbursements, on-line orders, purchases made on existing open PO's, etc. regardless of the funding source. All other district purchasing requirements apply to this centralized process, including CMAS, bid limits, etc., regardless of the funding source or program.

    1. Site personnel communicates need.
    2. Site determines if items require Technology Department approval or not. Refer to Technology Purchases Approval List if unsure.
      1. If approval is not required, STOP! Process the requisition as you would a non-Technology requisition and do not continue with this purchasing process.
      2. If approval is required, check Technology Standards Price List to see if the item is currently priced and CONTINUE to Step 3.
    3. Site prepares requisition (if equipment is on the Technology Standards Price List, please indicate so on the requisition. If not, include supporting documentation). The "requisitioned by (name and phone ext.)" must be completed . These fields will be used by the Technology Department to identify the owner and location for delivery of equipment.
    4. This is also a time for you to communicate any special time/delivery requirements. (Example: an emergency order needed immediately, or needed by such-and-such date, etc.) You may also contact us via email or telephone ahead of time for such needs.
    5. Code with proper SACS code.
    6. Obtain all required signatures:
      1. Fund/Budget manager (if not Principal, Site Manager or Categorical Fund Manager)
      2. Site Technology Coordinator (if applicable)
      3. Principal
    7. Separate pink copy of requisition (requisitioner keeps this copy) before sending remaining three copies to Technology Department for input. Once the requisition is received, Technology Department will process the order. If pink copy is not separated, it will get forwarded along with site's yellow copy upon processing.

    That's it! You have now completed a technology requisition!

    1. Once the order is received, applicable items will be tagged and/or inventoried before being delivered to your site. A Helpdesk ticket will be generated and attached to all packages: this needs to be signed and returned to the Technology Department as delivery confirmation of your order.

    And that completes the process!


    1. Once the requisition has been processed by the Technology Department, the designated person at each site will receive their YELLOW copy of the requisition (with a PO #) back for their records.
    2. The designated person at each site will receive their GREEN copy of the PO to be matched with yellow copy of requisition once PO has been approved/signed off.
    3. All emergency purchases should be communicated to the Technology Department prior to processing the requisition. This will allow expedited processing of paperwork and allow all necessary personnel to be notified of priority status of order.
    4. Please note that the "Ship to code" will be changed on the PO to reflect the Technology Department as part of a requirement of the centralized technology purchasing process.