• State Qualifiers

    Posted by 1` on 3/3/2020

    Woodcreek's S&D team spent the last two weekends competing for spots to the state championships, which will be at James Logan High School in Union City, April 24-26. We competed in 11 speaking styles and made it to finals in 10 of them. We also advanced to finals in Parliamentary and Lincoln-Douglas debate as well as Congress. 


    Senior, Hunter Bos, received the President's Award, which acknowledges his four years of competing with at least one state-qualifying bid.


    Additionally, Adithi Rao earned Woodcreek's seventh Orator's Cup. This award is the highest honor given by the Capitol Valley Forensic League. It places her on a "dream team" of only five speakers, all of whom are considered the best in the Sacramento valley. A befitting honor for a young lady who has made it to state championships every year she's competed.


    One of Woodcreek's star freshman, Nia Sanders, auto-qualified in Lincoln-Douglas debate by going undefeated in the first six rounds of debate qualifiers. She (9th grade) and Nathan Solano (10th grade) helped break a specific green team's 24-year winning streak in this debate-style - an especially gratifying win for our program because our star freshman knocked out their star senior! Nia also qualified in Duo Interpretation. Here are the results:


    State Qualifiers:

    Expository Speaking (The league has five allocations in this event. Woodcreek earned 4 of the spots.)

    Frances Van Slyke

    Adithi Rao*

    Jake Van Leerdam

    Josie Demartino

    Duo Interpretation (We won three of the four allotments in this event.)

    Joseph White & Cheyenne Demille

    Nia Sanders* & Brooke Catich

    Feizah Teope* & Riya Tapadiya* 

    Original Prose & Poetry (three of four seats)

    Riya Tapadiya*

    Feizah Teope*

    Sarrah Ayar

    Lincoln-Douglas Debate (two of four)

    Nia Sanders*

    Nathan Solano

    Humorous Interpretation (two of four)

    Adithi Rao*

    Nathaniel Mills

    Additional Qualifiers

    Katie Gibson, Oratorical Interp

    Amanda Simon, Original Advocacy

    * Double qualifiers



    Nathaniel Mills, Congress

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, Congress 

    Trish Tran & Alina Yakovenko, Duo Interpretation


    Joseph White & Jake Van Leerdam, Parliamentary Debate 

    Dylan Hall & Abbie Goetzel, Parliamentary Debate

    Alexander Houston & Julia Most, Public Forum

    Katie Gibson, Impromptu speaking

    Hunter Bos, Impromptu speaking

    Alexander Houston, Original Prose and Poetry

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, Oratorical Interpretation

    Sophia Strohmeyer, Original Oratory

    Kaci Thornton, Original Prose and Poetry


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  • Speech Qualifiers

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 2/24/2020

    Woodcreek's speech team earned 31 awards at last weekend's speech qualifier! Since competitors are only allowed to take one speech event to state championships, the actual number of students attending state is yet to be determined.

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  • 12/14/19 Davis Senior High School

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 12/20/2019

    Woodcreek's speech & debate team ends the fall schedule with 146 awards! 


    On Saturday, Dec. 14, we competed in the last fall tournament. This event - hosted by Davis Senior HS - included twenty schools. Please help me to congratulate our award recipients (20 in all - in no particular order):

    Parliamentary - Varsity Division

    Adithi Rao & Katie Gibson, undefeated 

    Amanda Simon & Nathaniel Mills, 3W-1L (Amanda has placed in all four styles of debate!)

    Public Forum 

    Alexander Houston & Julia Most, 3W-1L (This is Alex and Julia's first loss all season. Their record right now is 11W-1L)

    Novice Division:

    Ellie Larson & Kate Seivert, 3W-1L

    Sophia Stroymeyer & Corey Wilson, 3W-1L


    Nathan Solano, 3W-1L

    Nia Sanders, 3W-1L (This is Nia's first loss. Like her Public Forum teammates, she holds 11W and only 1L.)

    Novice Division:

    Antonio Agosto, 3W-1L

    Abbi Botwinik, 3W-1L

    Brooke Catich, undefeated

    Josie DeMartino, 3W-1L

    Ella Johnson, 3W-1L

    Alina Yakovenko, 3W-1L

    Congress (the only style that runs elimination rounds - to make finals, competitors must rank in top 12 out of 53 competitors)

    Helen Huang, Finalist

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, Finalist


    Santa Clara University Dempsey Cronin Invitational:

    Tournament stats: 120 schools, 1812 Entries, 1110 Judges, two states

    We earned ten awards in seven styles of speaking as well as one style of debate - again, in no particular order:

    Adithi Rao, Expository Speaking

    Katie Gibson. Dramatic Interpretation

    Josie DeMartino, Expos Speaking

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, Oratorical Interp

    Gregory Crawford, Original Oratory

    Helen Huang, Original Oratory

    Alex Houston, Original Prose, & Poetry

    Frances Van Slyke, Duo Interp

    Dana Hall, Duo Interp

    Myles Gilmer, Lincoln-Douglas Debate


    Alex Houston is a first-year competitor. He took 1st place in Original Prose & Poetry. Likewise, another novice student, Josie DeMartino, took 3rd in Expository, and Myles Gilmer, who is graduating in a couple of days, received a "best speaker" award in a pool of over two-hundred Lincoln-Douglas debaters. This honor is noteworthy for more reasons than one. Despite his loss in double-octos, he was still named the second-best speaker, overall. I have never seen that happen. Usually, this award goes to the finalists. Please wish him well as he enters adulthood. 

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  • Nov. 22-24 2019 Santa Clara University Invitational

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 11/25/2019

    Hello S&D Families,


    First, a sincere thank you to all the parents who traveled with the team to SCU: Mrs. Patti Ortiz, Mr. Joe White, Mrs. Kisa Hall, Mr. Denis Nishihara, and Ms. Evelyn Gibson. They expertly balanced chaperoning, judging, and driving ALL weekend long. 


    Tournament stats: 120 schools, 1812 Entries, 1110 Judges, two states


    Despite the stiff competition, I’m proud to share Woodcreek brought back ten awards in 7 styles of speaking as well as Lincoln-Douglas debate! Please help me to congratulate these very talented competitors ( in no particular order):

    Adithi Rao, Expository speaking

    Katie Gibson. Dramatic Interpretation

    Josie DeMartino, Expos speaking

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, oratorical interp

    Gregory Crawford, Original Oratory

    Helen Huang, Original Oratory

    Alex Houston, Original Prose, and Poetry

    Myles Gilmer, Lincoln-Douglas debate

    Frances Van Slyke, Duo Interp

    Dana Hall, Duo Interp


    Alex is a first-year competitor. He took 1st place in Original Prose & Poetry. Likewise, another novice performer, Josie DeMartino, took 3rd in Expository, and Myles Gilmer, who is graduating in a couple of weeks, was awarded the second-best speaker OVERALL in LD debate (in a pool of over two-hundred LD debaters). 


    An exciting weekend for Woodcreek forensics!!!

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  • 11/9/19 Speaker of the Tournament

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 11/9/2019

    Our speech and debate team prides itself on its ability to adapt and try new things both on and off the stage. This weekend at the tournament at Antelope High School, one student, in particular, was able to embrace the idea of adaptation into new environments. The following competitor exemplifies what it means to face things head-on with a positive attitude. Although the team has not known her for very long, she is already making her mark as a person who never gives up on her goals. I am so excited to watch her continue to "kill it" on this team, and I am honored to announce that our Speaker of the Tournament for the Nov. 9 event is -- all the way from Pennsylvania! -- Trinity McEwen! 

    Submitted by Haley Burke, manager, block 3

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  • 11/9/19 Antelope High School

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 11/9/2019

    As always, thank you for your continued support of our award-winning program. I’m so very proud of how hard the team is working. We’ve competed in four events, but have already earned 116 awards! On that note, a massive shout-out to our parents! You are, without a doubt, the driving force that keeps our program alive and well. We appreciate you more than you know! 

    Our final tournament for the fall schedule is Dec. 14 @ Davis Senior HS.  The spring season is varsity-only. For your convenience, I’ve attached the schedule (one last time). The only change is that we now have a venue for the Feb. 1 tournament, El Dorado HS.

    On Nov. 9, at Antelope HS, Woodcreek's forensics team competed in the last speech event for the fall schedule. It was a sizable tournament with 17 schools & roughly 300 competitors. We earned 38 awards, including five first-place trophies, 15 top three placements, and a number of our double/triple-entered competitors moved to finals in all their events. Our novice duo performers dominated this popular platform, taking six of the seven spots in finals. We did the same in varsity expository speaking. We also had our first “picket fence” of the season with Corey Wilson, who took 1st place in impromptu speaking in all three rounds by all five judges. In alphabetical order:


    Julia Barton NDUO (6)

    Abigail Botwinik NOO (6)

    Haley Burke VDUO (4)

    Amanda Carlsen NOO (3)

    Brooke Catich NDUO (5)

    Gregory Crawford NIMP (5)

    Josephine DeMartino VEXP (2)

    Myles Gilmer VOO (2)

    Abbie Goetzel NOI (4)

    Dylan Hall VNX (7)

    Alex Houston NDUO (6)

    Bhoojaa Jawahar VEXP (4) NOI (1)

    Natalia Jovovich VDUO (4)

    Maxim Korablev NDUO (3)

    Elanor Larson VEXP (6)

    Trinity McEwen VDI (5)

    Nathaniel Mills VEXP (5) VHI (2) VOA (4)

    La’a Nishihara NHI (5)

    Jacob Nishita NOO (7)

    Adithi Rao VHI (4)

    Logan Robken NDUO (3)

    Nia Sanders NDUO (5)

    Abbigail Schwartz NOA (5)

    Amanda Simon VOA (7)

    Frances Van Slyke VEXP (3)

    Nathan Solano NOI (3)

    Riya Tapadiya VOPP (1) VOI (5)

    Feizah Teope VOPP (3)

    Kaci Thornton NOPP (4)

    Trish Tran NDUO (1)

    Joseph White VNX (3)

    Clare Wilson NIMP (1)

    Alina Yakovenko NDUO (1)

    Olga Yashlavskiy NOI (6)


    As always, thank you for your support!


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  • 09/12/19 Oak Ridge AND 09/19/19 Mira Loma

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 10/19/2019

    Over the last two weekends, Woodcreek’s speech & debate team has earned 60 awards.


    On Saturday, Oct. 12, we attended the speech opener at Oak Ridge HS (15 schools competed), walking away with 36 awards that included six first-place trophies & 12 top three. Then, on Oct. 19, we competed at the Satyaprit Das Debate Classic @ Mira Loma HS (18 schools). Twenty-four of our debaters received awards, eleven of which went undefeated. Here are the results:


    Speech Opener @ Oak Ridge HS – Award Recipients

    Antonio Agosto, Novice Humorous Interpretation

    Sarrah Ayar, Varsity Original Prose and Poetry,

    Hunter Bos, Varsity Humorous Interp

    Erik Bowen, Novice Original Oratory

    Haley Burke and Natalia Jovovich, Varsity DUO Interp

    Brooke Catich, Novice Original Advocacy

    Gregory Crawford, Novice Original Advocacy

    Josie DeMartino, Novice Expository

    Cheyenne Demille and Joseph White, Varsity DUO Interp

    Miles Gilmer, Varsity Original Oratory

    Abbie Goetzel, Novice Original Oratory

    Dana Hall, Novice Expository

    Dylan Hall, Varsity Original Oratory

    Alex Houston, Novice Original Prose and Poetry

    Helen Huang, Varsity Program Oral Interp

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, Varsity Expository

    Jake Van LeerdamVarsity Expository

    Nathaniel Mills, Varsity Humorous Interp and Varsity Original Advocacy

    Julia Most, Novice Original Oratory

    La’a Nishihara, Novice Expository

    Adithi Rao, Varsity Expository

    Nia Sanders, Novice Original Prose and Poetry

    Kate Seivert, Novice Expository

    Amanda Simon, Varsity Impromptu speaking and Varsity Expository

    Frances Van Slyke, Varsity Expository

    Nathan Solano, Varsity Original Prose & Poetry

    Sophia Stroymeyer, Novice Original Oratory

    Riya Tapadiya, Varsity Original Prose & Poetry

    Trish Tran, Novice Prose & Poetry

    Corey Wilson, Novice Expository

    Alina Yakovenko, Novice Expository

    Olya Yashlavskiy, Varsity Original Oratory


    Satyaprit Das Debate Classic @ Mira Loma HS

    Novice Lincoln Douglas

    Antonio Agosto, (3W-1L)

    Abby Botwinik, (3-1)

    Josie DeMartino, undefeated

    Max Korablev, (3-1)

    Ellie Larson, (3-1)

    Nia Sanders, undefeated

    Trish Tran, undefeated          


    Varsity Lincoln Douglas

    Sarrah Ayar, (3-1)

    Amanda Simon, (3-1)

    Nathan Solano, (3-1)


    Novice Public Forum

    Julia Barton, undefeated

    Olya Yashlavshiy, undefeated

    Gregory Crawford, undefeated

    Abigail Schwarts, undefeated

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, (3-1)

    Alina Yakovenko, (3-1)

    Julia Most, undefeated

    Alex Houston, undefeated


    Varsity Public Forum

    Ceyenne Demille, undefeated

    Adithi Rao, undefeated


    Varsity Parliamentary Debate

    Abbie Goetzel, (3-1)

    Dylan Hall, (3-1)

    Jake Van Leerdam, (3-1)

    Joseph White, (3-1)


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  • 10/12/18 - Speaker of the Tournament

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 10/12/2019

    October 12th marked our 2019-2020 season speech opener. With only a week after our debate opener, we worked extra hard to prepare our speeches to be tournament ready, and it showed. Competing against countless teams we received 36 awards, and nearly 75% of the team broke to final rounds. Even with the success of our team, there is still one outstanding individual who went above and beyond.


    After pouring hours upon hours into her speech, it became clear that this student’s perseverance and hard work is outstanding. Her dedication is unmatched, and it showed throughout the weeks leading up to the tournament. It became clear that this student’s tenacity caused her growth to increase exponentially. She is able to keep her attitude calm and mature yet enthusiastic. She is a friend in which to confide, and one that truly exemplifies the best traits of our team. I can always rely on her to make me laugh. She's a teammate that I look forward to talking to, brightening my day whenever we talk.


    Alongside being a valuable friend, she has an outstanding work ethic, and she doesn't hesitate to go above and beyond when it comes to her commitments. For these reasons, I am so proud to announce that the speaker of the tournament goes to Josie DeMartino.


    Submitted by Dylan Hall, manager, block 4

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  • 9/21/18 - Speaker of the Tournament

    Posted by Adithi Rao on 9/30/2019

    September 21st marked the first tournament of the 2019-2020 competitive season at the Ponderosa High School debate opener. We competed against 18 schools and hundreds of competitors, winning 19 awards. The team showed a lot of hard work, dedication, and camaraderie at tournament, but one individual in particular exemplified this to the next level.

    This student has a wonderful work ethic and isn’t afraid to reach out to others when she wants to improve herself. She put countless hours into writing a stellar case and it showed at tournament. Her effort and dedication to growth are impeccable. She’s more than willing to take advice and views experiences as learning opportunities. Moreover, her bubbly, fun, and kind personality never fails to brighten everyone’s day. In and out of tournament, she’s bursting at the seams with positivity and enthusiasm. 

    She works hard, doesn’t hesitate to ask for help, and is a constant positive force on the team. For these reasons, I’m proud to announce that speaker of the tournament goes to Nia Sanders!

    Submitted by Adithi Rao, manager, block 3

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  • 09/21/19 Ponderosa High School

    Posted by Cheyenne DeMille on 9/24/2019 10:00:00 PM

    This past Saturday the Woodcreek debate team competed at their debate opener at Ponderosa High School. Earning 19 awards competing against 18 schools (230+ competetors) from the Sacramento area, the debate team succeeded with a very strong showing for our opening debate tournament! 


    To earn an award, debaters must go undefeated or win three of their four rounds. Five of our novice debaters went undefeated while fourteen of their teammates earned three wins and only one loss. 


    Congratulations to these competitors!



    Dana Hall, Novice Public Forum (NPF)

    Alexander Houston, NPF

    Julia Most, NPF

    Nia Sanders, Lincoln-Douglas (NLD)

    Riya Tapadiya, NPF



    Julia Barton, NPF

    Haley Burke, Varsity PF

    Brooke Catich, NLD

    Cheyenne Demille, VPF

    Bhoojaa Jawahar, NPF

    Natalia Jovovich, VPF

    Nathaniel Mills, VLD

    Adithi Rao, VPF

    Frances Van Slyke, NPF

    Sophia Strohmeyer, NPF

    Feizah Teope, NPF

    Corey Wilson, NPF

    Alina Yakovenko, NPF

    Olya Yashlavskiy

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