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     1) Print and complete the Course Request Sheet below (cooresponding grade). 

     2) Enroll online with AIR (Aeries Interent Registration)   

     3) Required Documents for enrollment. 

     4) Finalize enrollment by bringing COPIES of required documents to the WHS Office.  Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 7:15am - 3:45pm.


    Is your student an athlete?  Do they play sports or club sports?

    Transferring schools may affect your athletic eligibility.

    Transferring from one school to another school may affect a student’s athletic eligibility under SJS of CIF rules.  It is your responsibility to see the school principal or school designee for a copy of the eligibility rules, or information where eligibility rules may be viewed.  Students who transfer as a result of disciplinary action are subject to the conditions of Bylaw 209 and may be ineligible for one calendar year from enrollment in your new school.  All Eligibility transfer information/ applications MUST be true, correct, accurate, complete and/or not false or fraudulent.  Go to www.cifsjs.org for further information – click on “Transfer Eligiblity.”

    Course Request Sheet 2018-2019 (Choosing your classes) For Couse descriptions view the Course Catalog

     Graduation Requirements