• AP Exam Day Must Know Information


    Thank you for rising to the challenge of taking an AP exam! WHS is very proud of our AP program and it would not be such a respected program without your hard work and dedication.

    When to arrive test day

    Please arrive early for testing. Arrive at 7:15 am for morning tests and 11:15 am for afternoon tests. Students will be seated and begin exam administration 15 minutes before the exam start time. WHS is not required to administer tests to students who arrive after the start time. Click here to view the times and locations of exams. For students who are testing at Mahany in the morning, please report straight there. You do not need to check in at WHS. For students who are testing at Mahany in the afternoon, please attend your morning classes. You will be excused at 11am to walk over to Mahany, have a snack/ eat your lunch and check in for your exam.


    What to bring test day

    WHS is gives around 1200 AP exams each May.  In order to expedite the process of checking students in on test day, please have the following items out and ready to go when you arrive at testing.

    • Photo ID

    Acceptable forms: passport, driver’s license, WHS student ID

    ***Students will not be admitted to the testing room without photo ID***

    • Cell phone (powered off)
    • Chromebook (powered off)

    Students will place their cell phone and Chromebook in a secure file with proctors and will not get it back until the conclusion of the test. If students drive themselves to the test they may leave their phone and Chromebook in the car.

    ***Electronic devices must be checked in with the proctors prior to the start of the exam. This includes, but is not limited to: tablets, smartwatches (i.e. Apple Watch) and laptops.***

    • At least two sharpened #2 pencils
    • At least two blue or black pens

    Optional items to bring the day of testing:

    • A watch that does not have an alarm. This is the ONLY item besides pens, pencils and erasers that a student may have on their desk during testing.

    ***Smartwatches are not permitted in the testing room. (i.e. Apple Watch)***

    • For students testing in the Mahany Gym, bring a sweater or sweatshirt. (No blankets) The gym’s AC works very well and often students are cold during testing.
    • Snacks (to be left along the wall in the testing room during testing)
    • Backpacks (to be left along the wall in the testing room during testing)
    • A water bottle (must be placed on the floor next below the student’s desk during testing)

    Calculator Policy


    Allowable Calculators

    College Board Policy Link

    AP Calc (AB/ BC)

    graphing calculator

    College Board AP Calculus Calculator Policy

    AP Statistics

    graphing calculator with statistical capabilities

    College Board AP Statistics Calculator Policy

    Section I and Section 2 of Physics 1 and Both Physics C Exams

    scientific or graphing calculator

    College Board AP Physics Calculator Policy

    Section II only of AP Chemistry

    scientific or graphing calculator

    College Board AP Chemistry Calculator Policy

    AP Biology

    Four function calculator with square root and memory keys

    College Board AP Biology Calculator Policy

    • Calculators are not allowed for other AP Exams, including Microeconomics and Environmental Science
    • For Calculus, Chemistry, Physics or Statistics exams, if a student has a graphing calculator, it must be on the approved calculator list. See the College Board policy link for approved lists.
    • Click here for a list of approved calculators 

     When finished with exam

    We count on students who finish their tests early to be respectful and quiet so that all students have the chance to concentrate and finish. Due to college board regulations, we cannot allow students to read, use electronic devices or do other classwork if they finish their exam early. Regardless of when you finish, you will not be excused to leave until all testing materials are collected and accounted for by proctors.

    If you are taking a morning exam, the attendance office will automatically excuse you from your morning classes and you are expected to attend your afternoon classes.

    If you are taking an afternoon exam, you will be excused in time to attend your afternoon class.

    Please expect exams to last longer than the actual time that students will be spending testing. For example, although the AP European exam consists of a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes of testing, the students need time to check in, complete the necessary preliminary information, take breaks between sections, and check out. Most years our AP Euro students are not released until at least 4:30PM. Most other tests tests usually last at least an hour longer than the specified length of student testing.

     A note about proctors...

    If you have the chance, please make sure you thank the parent proctors! They are parent volunteers who are not being paid. They offer to proctor WHS AP tests to make sure to keep your cost of the exam as low as possible and that the integrity of AP testing in honored. WHS charges minimal additional fees for our AP exams because we are so fortunate to have fabulous unpaid parent volunteers.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Snider in room 402 or at gsnider@rjuhsd.us.