Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Library:

    1. Is the library open after school? Unless otherwise noted in front of the main doors, the library is open every day until 4 PM.
    2. How much is it to print from a computer?   We do not charge for printing in black ink.
    3. My book is overdue, so how much will I be fined? There is no daily overdue fine. However, after 6 weeks, books will be marked lost and you will be charged the replacement cost. 
    4. Do I need to pay my fine immediately? No, you do not. However, all fines must be paid in order to purchase dance tickets. The deadline to pay your fine
      is the end of the term.
    5. How many books can I check out? You can check out four books at a time.
    6. When are books due? Books are due three weeks after you check them out.
    7. Are the computers for school work only? Yes and no. Students needing to use computers for academic reasons always have priority. If there are open
      stations, the computers may be used to check email and surf acceptable sites.


    1. How do I purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan? Is there a deadline?  This is the link to information about the Protection Plan. Students have 2 weeks after the device has been issued or the beginning of the school year to purchase insurance. 
    2. My Chromebook is broken. What do I do?  Take the device to the library and see Mrs. Cobian. You will complete a repair form and she will issue you a loaner device.
    3. I forgot my password. You can reset your password at my.rjuhsd.usIf you have not established your password recovery questions, you can see Mrs. Cobian in the library for assistance.

    Student Technology related tutorials and information can be found here.

    Textbook Information:

    1. When are my textbooks due? Textbooks are due at the end of each semester. This includes novels read in your English classes. Students who do not return their textbooks are fined the full amount for each book.
    2. My book is damaged. What do I do? It is important to notify library staff as soon as you realize there is damage. Staff will need to evaluate the damage and determine next steps.