• Thanks to all the teams that competed in this years Brian Nolan Granite Bay Invitational Boys Volleyball Varsity Tournament.   We appreciate your support for our program and hope to see you again next year!



    ------------------------  FLIGHT1 @Granite Bay HS & Oakmont HS  -------------------

    Gold Division, 1st Place:  Clovis North

    F1 G 1st


    Gold Division, 2nd Place:  Granite Bay

    F1 Gold 2nd  


    Gold Division Playoff Bracket:

    F1 Gold Playoff Bracket

    Silver Division, 1st Place:  Clovis West

    No Photo Taken, please email me a team picture and I will post it here!


    Silver Division, 2nd Place:  Jesuit

    F1 Silver 2nd


    Silver Division Playoff Bracket:

    F1 Silver bracket

    Flight 1, Pool Sheets:

    F1p   F1b    F1c   


    All Tournament Team

    3 Players from 1st place Clovis North, names not collected, please email me and I will post.

    CN AL



    2 Players from 2nd place Granite Bay, Grayson Kling #4, and JT DeMure #7.  Daniel Patterson (shown in the middle) was selected by his coaches but he thought it should go to his teammate Grayson Kling, the coaches and the team agreed to give Grayson the award!!  

    GB AL  


    One Player from each of the tied for 3rd place teams:   

    From Neveda Union, Jordon Mills



    From Clovis East, Nico Insyarath



    One player each from Silver Division 1st and 2nd Place (no photos taken)

    From 1st place Clovis West, Michael Massey

    From 2nd Place Jesuit, Nick Pechula



    ----------------------------------  FLIGHT 2 @Whitney HS  ---------------------------------

    Gold Division, 1st Place:  Golden Sierra

    F2 gold 1t


    Gold Division, 2nd Place:  Yuba City

    F2 G 2


    Gold Division Playoff Bracket:

    f2 gold


    Silver Division, 1st Place:  Mira Loma

    F2 S 1


    Silver Division, 2nd Place:  Cordova

    F2 S 2


    Flight 2, Pool Sheets:

    f2a   f2b   f2c


    All-Tournament team names were unfortunately not recorded.  Send them to me and I will post.



    THANKS VERY MUCH for playing in the Granite Bay Brian Nolan Varsity Invitational 2019 Tournament!  We hope you had a great time, and look forward to seeing you next year!