• Active Threat Procedures: Student Training

    Oakmont High School trains their staff and students annually for an Active Threat Situation.  Below is a summary of the information that is presented to the students and staff.  We encourage families to have discussions about the safety procedures that Oakmont High School teaches the students.

    An Active Threat is defined as any incident which, by its deliberate nature, creates an immediate threat or presents an imminent danger to the campus community. In addition to individuals using firearms (Active Shooter), it is possible for other types of weapons or instruments to be used by offenders who want to cause harm.

    Active Threat situations are very dynamic and they evolve quickly. Individuals need to assess their situation and be prepared to make decisions in a matter of seconds. Staff and students are expected to work with first responders and follow their directions.  First responder’s priority will be to locate and stop the attacker; all other actions are secondary.

    Students and Staff are asking to follow three basic options: RUN-HIDE-FIGHT.  Students will be watching the following Run-Hide-Fight video annually with their 2nd period teacher.  After the video, teachers will be following up with a short discussion on our Active Threat Procedures as well as reviewing aspects of the Active Threat and what they can do as students. 
    Class discussion guidelines:
    Teachers will review the entire ACTIVE THREAT PROCEDURES document with their class.
    • Advise students that a situation like this can be scary. But, we need everyone to attempt to regain their composure, recall this training and commit to action. While we ask everyone to follow these procedures, sometimes students and staff will have to rely on their own judgement to decide which option will best protect lives.
    • Teachers will check for understanding with students.
      • Do they know various ways to move around the campus?
      • Do they know all of the ways to exit the campus?
      • Do they know how to lock a door on the campus? Magnets, crash bars?
      • Do they know to stay silent, including their phones and staying off of them?
      • Do they know Run-Hide-Fight (in that order)?
      • Do they know they need to cooperate with first responders and not interfere with any of their work? Remind them that they may be instructed to place their hands on their heads or individuals may be searched.