• Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

    1.     How do I qualify for district-paid dental coverage?  All employees who are covered with district medical benefits receive the included district-paid dental coverage for themselves and their family.
    2.     Can I include my spouse and dependents on the district-paid dental insurance?  Yes, dependents may be included during Open Enrollment for no additional cost because the current plan is a family plan.
    3.     Do I have to use my dental benefit each year in order to increase my incentive?  Yes.  The Delta dental incentive plan pays 70% of covered services during the first year of eligibility.  The incentive will increase by 10% each year (to a maximum of 100%) for each enrollee if that person visits the dentist at least once per year.  If an enrollee does not use the plan during the calendar year, the incentive remains at the level previously attained.
    4.     Is the optional Vision coverage (VSP) available to my spouse and/or dependents?  No, the optional VSP (Vision Service Plan) is currently only offered to the employee.
    5.      I just got married.  Can I add my spouse to my benefits?  Yes.  Certain qualifying events (i.e. marriage, birth of a child, loss/gain of a spouse’s employment, divorce, obtaining legal guardianship, etc.) that take place during the school year allow you to make changes to your benefits, adding and/or removing dependents from your plan(s).  These changes must be reported to the Benefits Coordinator within 30 days of the event date and will require proof of the event.  Note:  Carrier and/or plan choices are only allowed during Open Enrollment.
    6.     Who qualifies as a “dependent” eligible to be added to my benefits?  Eligible dependents include a lawful spouse or registered domestic partner, child(ren) under 26 years of age, stepchildren and legally adopted children.
    7.     Can I make changes to the amount of my HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) contributions after Open Enrollment?  For HSA, yes.  For FSA, no.  Health Savings Account contributions can be changed at any time by completing a Salary Reduction form available through the Payroll Department.  Flex Spending Account contributions can only be changed when an employee has a “qualifying event” or during Open Enrollment.