• Yearbooks are your recollection of the entire year’s events. Having one is a chance to relive all glorious moments of your high school experience. It is a chance to revisit memories that otherwise could have been forgotten. It is a chance to remember those familiar faces and recall fun memories of your high school experience, even after you are long gone from Granite Bay. The remarkable photographs taken by our skilled photographers will remind you of the school, the campus, and the contributions that you have made to Granite Bay High School, and our touching stories written by our dedicated journalists will be sentimental in reminding you of the high school that you will not always be a part of. Yearbooks are priceless, infinite, and immeasurable, so take this opportunity right now to order one today. Buy yours online at the student store or at the Student Services office. Just print and fill out this form and bring it in with $90 cash, check, or credit card. Pre-order sales end April 1However, nameplate and icon sales are closed at the end of January. Remaining yearbooks will be sold for $100 cash, on a first-come, first-serve basis the day after the book is given out to those who pre-ordered it.

    Yearbooks already sold (By Name)