• Woodcreek High School Student Conduct


    The Woodcreek Way

    Woodcreek High School conduct is focused on four behavior expectations that are positively stated and easy to remember.  Those expectations are:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Proactive
    • Protect the Pack
    We call this the "Woodcreek Way".
    Students are rewarded for their positive behavior by being given Woodcreek Way cards by adults on campus when they exhibit the Woodcreek Way.  They put these cards into a container at the front of the school where there are drawings for rewards.

    Bullying and CyberBullying


    The Roseville Joint Union High School District believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. The District, schools and community have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. The Roseville Joint Union High School District will not tolerate behavior related to school activity or attendance that infringes on the safety of any student. A student shall not intimidate or harass another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes direct physical contact such as hitting or shoving, verbal assaults such as teasing or name calling, social isolation or manipulation, and cyber bullying. Students who engage in bullying related to school activity or attendance are in violation of this policy and are subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

    The Roseville Joint Union High School District expects students and/or staff to immediately report incidents of bullying to the principal or designee. Students may request that their names be kept in confidence to the extent allowed by law. Staff are expected to intervene immediately when they see a bullying incident occur. Each complaint of bullying should be investigated promptly and resolved in accordance with site-level procedures. To prevent bullying on school campuses, the Roseville Joint Union High School District may provide staff development training that addresses bullying prevention, early warning signs of harassing/intimidating behaviors, and effective prevention and intervention strategies. The District will also endeavor to cultivate acceptance and understanding in all students and staff so as to build each school’s capacity to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.



    Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, the posting of harassing messages on the Internet, social networking sites or other digital technologies which may include social cruelty, direct threats or other language or expression unprotected by law. Cyberbullying may also include breaking into another person’s Internet account and assuming that person’s identity in order to damage that person’s reputation or friendships.

    When a student is suspected of, or reported to be, using electronic or digital communications to engage in cyberbullying against other students or staff or to threaten district property, the investigation shall include documentation of the activity, identification of the source, and a determination of the relationship with, and the impact or potential impact on, school activity or school attendance. Students should be encouraged to save and print any messages sent to them that they feel constitute cyberbullying and to notify a teacher, principal or other employee so the matter may be investigated. Students who engage in cyberbullying related to school activity or attendance are in violation of this policy and are subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

    Cyberbullying, regardless of the location and equipment used to perpetuate it, may be subject to discipline in accordance with the law, district policies and regulations. If a student is using a social networking site or service that has terms of use that prohibit posting harmful material, the Superintendent or designee may also file a complaint with the Internet site or service to have the material removed.

    Students may be disciplined for conduct related to school activity or attendance that occurs at any time including, but not limited to, while on school grounds, while going to or coming from school or school activities, while at school activities whether on or off campus, during lunch period and while on district transportation.

    Conduct at School Functions

    Students are expected to follow the same code of behavior at school functions that applies to the regular school day. Students suspended from school may not be on campus or at any off campus school activity during the period of suspension. Some dances and other activities are held on Saturdays, if a student was on suspension the Friday previous to the Saturday event they may not attend. The rules for Saturday activities are the same as for regular school days. School functions include events held at venues other than the WHS campus.


    Doors to the dance close for entrance one hour after the start time of the dance.  Dance tickets are sold during lunch. Tickets are not sold at the door. Student must have all fines cleared prior to purchasing a dance ticket.

    Dance Regulations

    • Once a student or guest has left the dance, they may not return.
    • Smoking, drinking, possessing or having consumed drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is prohibited and will result in suspension and/or citation.
    • Only students with valid Student ID Card will be allowed into the dance. Students who come without their Student ID Card can purchase a new card at the door at a cost of $10.00.
    • Students shall dress in accordance with the WHS dress code (see the dress code in this handbook). In particular for dances please note the following sections of the dress code (we also have a WHS Visual Dance Dress Code document available):
      • Backless tops or dresses, low-cut tops or dresses and tops or dresses that reveal the midriff are not permitted. (Strapless dresses that meet all other dress code requirements are permissible at WHS dances).
      • Clothing that exposes undergarments is not permitted. No see-through clothing.
      • Excessively short skirts, shorts, or dresses are not permitted. Skirts and dresses should reach mid-thigh.
    • Clothing may not be changed, removed or altered once the student has entered the dance.
    • Slam dancing, freaking, grinding, and any sexually explicit dancing are prohibited and may result in suspension of dance privileges and/or at the discretion of the administration, the dance may be closed down early.
    • Students must leave campus or be picked up from campus by fifteen (15) minutes after the conclusion of the dance. 

    Dance Bids

    Dance bids are available for some WHS dances. Dance bids allow non-WHS guests to attend a WHS dance. The WHS student secures a dance bid from the office on which he/she names the guest the student wishes to invite to the dance. Dance bids must be turned in to the attendance office by the deadline on the bid. NO LATE BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED—NO EXCEPTIONS. If the dance bid is approved by the administration, the student may then invite his/her guest.
    The following guidelines must be followed when using a dance bid:
    • All guests must have proper identification (valid student body card from the student’s home school and/or valid driver’s license).
    • The WHS student and guest must enter the dance together.
    • All guests must be at least high school age and no older than 20 years in order to be invited.
    • WHS students are responsible for informing their guest of all dance rules including the dress code.
    • Entrance to the dance requires the dance bid, a ticket for each person, and a valid ID card for each person.
    • Former WHS students will only be approved to attend the dance if they were in good standing while at WHS.
    • All guests will be reviewed for by WHS admin and/or the school resource officer.
    • Students with five (5) day suspensions within the last twelve (12) months will not be allowed to request bids for a guest to attend.

    Dance Bids for WHS student to attend a dance at another school

    Dance bids for a WHS student to attend a dance at another school must be presented to the WHS assistant principals’ office 24 hours before it is needed. Students must have fines cleared and be in good discipline standing for the bid to be signed.

    Dress Code

    Student dress is expected to support student learning, not distract from learning. Student learning is the primary business at WHS and we expect students to dress accordingly. Any apparel that draws undue attention to the wearer or distracts from the educational process is inappropriate. Parents/Guardians are asked to monitor their student and counsel them on clothing choices that are in alignment with the WHS dress code.

    Acceptable Clothing

    • Garments must be neat, clean, and in good repair
    • Safe footwear must be worn on the school grounds at all times
    • Clothing shall be within the bounds of decency and good taste
    • Pants, shorts, and skirts must fit properly at the waist, underwear or any item of clothing worn as an undergarment should not be visible. Sagging of pants is not permitted. Pants or shorts may not have holes on the upper thigh.
    • Hats are allowed on campus; however, students are required to respect the request of individual teachers regarding the wearing of hats in the classroom.
    • Coaches and teachers in classes such as PE, science, and industrial technology may impose additional requirements as needed for specific activities or for safety.
    • Students who go out in the community representing Woodcreek High School are expected to dress appropriately for the environment they are visiting.

    Unacceptable Clothing


    Tops/Dresses Students May Not Wear

    • no strapless
    • no off-shoulder
    • no backless
    • no low-cut
    • no midriff showing
    • no undershirt style tank tops
    • no tank tops with low-cut arm holes



    Unacceptable Clothing

    • exposed undergarments
    • sagging pants
    • see-through clothes
    • pants/shorts have holes in upper thigh
    • excessively short skirts, shorts, dresses (minimum 3” inseam or as deemed appropriate by school staff)


     3” inseam is ok→

    Other Unacceptable Clothing/Accessories

    • pajamas (unless it is school dress-up day)
    • wallet, spiked, or bicycle chains wristbands or other such accessories
    • clothing/accessories that are indicators of gang involvement 
    • Any clothing/accessories with messages, pictures,symbols or advertisements of or related to alcohol, tobacco, guns/weapons, or drugs
    • clothing/accessories with lewd, obscene, or sexually explicit messages, pictures and/or profanity
    • Clothing that covers the face (masks, morphsuits, etc.)

    Dress Code Violations
    • First Violation: Student sent to the office to change clothes. Loaner clothes will be available.
    • Second Violation: Student sent to the office to change clothes. Parent contacted.
    • Third Violation: Student sent to the office to change clothes. Parent contacted. Student sent home with WHS Dress Code Violation Form they and parent must review and sign.
    • Fourth Violation and Additional Violations: Student sent to the office to change clothes. Parent contacted. Student given three days detention in lieu of suspension for defiance of authority.

    Electronic Devices

    Electronic devices (cell phone, iPod, handheld gaming device, ear phones and ear buds, etc.) may not be used during class time unless the use is pre-approved by the teacher. Unapproved use of an electronic device during class time will result in the confiscation of that item and disciplinary action. Students who refuse to give the device to the school staff member will be disciplined for defiance, up to and including suspension. Other than in teacher approved situations, the expectation is that electronic devices are in the off position and stored in a backpack during class time. Devices may only be used during breaks, lunch, before and after school. The use of electronic devices in the library, office, locker rooms, bathrooms, or any other on-campus location during class time is prohibited. Any unclaimed electronic devices will be disposed of one week after the last day of school.
    • First Violation: Electronic device taken to the office and returned to the student at the end of the school day.
    • Second Violation: Electronic device taken to the office and must be picked up by a parent. 
    • Third Violation: Electronic device taken to the office and must be picked up by a parent. A parent conference will take place with the student, parent and Assistant Principal. 
    • Fourth Violation and additional violations: Electronic device taken to the office and must be picked up by a parent. Student suspended for defiance of authority.
    WHS is not responsible for lost, stolen, and/or damaged electronic devices; students who bring an electronic device to school do so at their own risk.

    Public Displays of Affection

    Students should remember that the school campus is a public environment and a public facility.
    Students are to refrain from excessive public displays of affection.
    The following actions are unacceptable:
    • Kissing on the lips for an extended period of time (making out)
    • Sitting on another's lap 
    • Hugging for an extended period of time
    • Hugging/holding from behind (front to back) 
    • Inappropriate touching
    • Or any other action deemed inappropriately affectionate by staff.
    Consequences may range from a parent contact, detention, referral to the office, or suspension.


    Computers on campus, or any other devices connected to the school network, are to be used for educational purposes only.  Any inappropriate use of technology on campus with be considered a violation of the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy and may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to, loss of student network account, school discipline, and civil/legal consequences.  The complete Student Technology AUP is available at www.rjuhsd.us/aup.

    Student Behavior Philosophy and Practice

    All students are provided with the opportunity to experience positive and worthwhile learning experiences at WHS. Students are expected to demonstrate high personal standards of courtesy, decency, morality, appropriate language, honesty, appropriate behavior, and adhere to the Woodcreek Way.

    Possible consequences for violations of the behavior policy and/or school rules:
    • Detention
    • Parent Conference
    • Suspension
    • Letter of Conditional Enrollment (contract to stay enrolled at WHS)
    • Transfer to Alternative Education
    • Expulsion
    Any school disruption may result in school consequences. The following violations may result in suspension or expulsion (California Ed. Code 48900-48915):
    • fighting, assault, battery, or attempting to cause physical harm
    • possession, sale, and/or furnishing of a firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object
    • possession of an imitation firearm (toy guns), including Airsoft guns
    • committing or attempting to commit robbery or extortion
    • engaging in gang activities, behavior associated with gangs, or wearing gang clothing
    • threatening, intimidating, or menacing behavior
    • committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or committing a sexual battery
    • harassing, threatening, or intimidating a witness in a school disciplinary proceeding
    • “hate violence”
    • unlawful harassment (gender, race, disability)
    • hazing
    • bullying - link to district and ed code definitions
    • fire setting, attempted fire setting, setting off fire alarm
    • possession or use of firecrackers, impact “poppers,” caps, and any other fireworks or explosives
    • theft, attempted theft, or receiving stolen property
    • vandalism: damaging or attempting to damage school or private property
    • use or possession of tobacco
    • using, under the influence of, or possessing alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substances
    • furnishing, offering, arranging, or negotiating the sale of alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substance or any substance represented as alcohol, drugs, or another controlled substance.
    • possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawfully selling, offering, or negotiating to sell drug paraphernalia
    • any act of defiance or willful disobedience
    • failing to comply with the reasonable request of teachers or other school personnel
    • willful disruption of the learning environment or school activities
    • use of profane or indecent language, commission of an obscene act
    • interfering with the peaceful conduct of the campus
    • failure to correctly identify oneself or giving false information to school personnel
    • violation of technology policies
    • leaving campus without a special excuse slip, closed campus violations
    • forging, falsifying, or altering school correspondence, passes, readmits, or phone calls
    • gambling, wagering, or sports pools
    • trespassing on the school campus after hours
    • trespassing on other school campuses
    • ALL PARKING LOTS (main, aquatic center, etc.) are considered part of the WHS CAMPUS. Vehicles parked within these areas are subject to search.
    The following violations require a mandatory recommendation for expulsion (California Ed. Code 48915):
    • Possession/furnishing a firearm
    • Brandishing a knife
    • Sale of a controlled substance
    • Sexual assault/battery
    • Possession of an explosive
    • Causing serious physical injury
    • Possession of a knife or dangerous object
    • Possession of a controlled substance
    • Robbery or extortion
    • Assault or battery on school personnel


    Suspension absence is granted when school authorities suspend a student in order to improve his/her behavior or for the protection of other students and/or school property. Students are expected to complete all work missed during the absence. Students may not attend extra-curricular activities including clubs, dances, performances, sporting events and practices or be on any school campus until they have completed their first day back from suspension.

    Unlawful Harassment of Students 

    • The Roseville Joint Union High School District and WHS are committed to providing an educational environment free of unlawful harassment.

    • The District’s anti-harassment policy applies to all persons involved in the District’s educational environment, and prohibits unlawful harassment by any student or any employee of the District. Violation of this policy by a student may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and expulsion, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

    • Unlawful harassment because of gender, race, ancestry, physical or mental disability, age, or any other protected basis includes, but is not limited to

      • verbal conduct such as derogatory remarks

      • visual conduct such as staring

      • physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, or blocking of normal movement

      • harassing contact made electronically, such as text messages, internet postings, email, etc.

      • any retaliation for having reported or threatened to report harassment

    • If a student thinks he/she is being unlawfully harassed, the student should immediately notify any school administrator so that complaints can be resolved quickly and fairly.

    • To file a formal complaint, the students should provide details of the incident(s), the names of the individuals involved, and the names of witnesses.

    • A written complaint is recommended, but not required.