• Woodcreek High School Academics

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    Credit Recovery:  
    Credit Recovery and Grade Recovery are educational alternatives in which weekly 2-hour on-ground appointments with the instructor may be required to participate. Credit Recovery is only available to recover credits after earning an F in a course. These courses will be offered at Independence High School and are based on mastery learning. Grade Recovery eligibility is after earning a D or F in a Grade Recovery course and plan to attend a 4-year college right out of high school. Students must complete the entire course. All tests must be taken at the Testing Center located at Independence High School or by teacher arrangement.

    College Courses

    Students must complete an application with their counselor for permission to take college courses.  Please review Board Policy 5121.1 on the Roseville Joint Union High School District website for clarification on how college courses are added to the Woodcreek High School transcript. 

    Contacting Teachers

    Staff email addresses are the person’s first initial and last name, plus the district’s mail address. For example, to email Tom Smith, the address would be tsmith@rjuhsd.us. See website for complete listing of staff.

    Teacher telephones do not ring through into the classroom during the school day. Please dial the teacher’s extension and leave a message.

    Extended Learning Opportunities

    WHS offers a comprehensive range of Advanced Placement classes for students interested in a challenging learning environment. AP classes are designed to prepare students for university work and will receive weighted credit on the student’s transcript.  For a complete listing please visit the course catalog.

    Grading Periods

    September 7, 2018 Progress Report
    October 12, 2018 Midterm Grades (placed on transcript)
    November 9, 2018 Progress Report
    December 20, 2018 First Term Grades (placed on transcript) 
    February 8, 2019 Progress Report 
    March 15, 2019 Midterm Grades (placed on transcript) 
    April 26, 2019 Progress Report
    May 30, 2019 Second Term Grades (placed on transcript)

    Graduation Attire and Regalia

    Students may only wear items sanctioned by the school.  Items my not be altered or added to.  Typical attire is a maroon cap and gown and school colored tassel.
    Students with 3.76  or higher GPA may wear district issued silver cowl over the graduation gown along with a black cord and pin designating their achievement in a group endeavor sanctioned by the school.  The group recognition must be reviewed and approved by school administration no later than 6 months prior to graduation.  Approval is based on a national organization’s honor criteria and or a review of criteria by administration.

    Students with 3.51  to 3.75 GPA may wear a black cord and a pin recognizing their achievement in a group endeavor sanctioned by the school.

    Students with a 3.33 to 3.5 GPA may wear a pin recognizing their achievement in a group endeavor sanctioned by the school. 

    Students may also wear medals distributed at the Senior Academic Merit Awards

    Silver Cowls – furnished by school and must be returned to school immediately following ceremony

    Black Cords – clubs and organizations must purchase these in order to wear them.  The cords must be purchased through the school no later than the end of the third quarter grade period.

    Pins – pins are purchased by club through their own organization and must not exceed 1 square inch in area.


    Homelink gives parents access to their student’s attendance, grades, class schedule, teacher email, fines, and additional information.  Parents must visit the Homelink site and create a Homelink account and choose their own password using the email address provided to Woodcreek during registration.  Students create a Homelink account using their district email, firstname.lastname@student.rjuhsd.us, and their student ID number as the password for their initial log in. 

    Incomplete Grades

    Incomplete grades (I) are given because of extended illness, justifiable absence, or extenuating circumstances.  The incomplete grades must be made up within two weeks after the end of the reporting period for which the grade was assigned.

    Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection

    Valedictorian(s) shall be the student(s) with the highest cumulative weighted grade point average at the end of the third quarter of the graduation year.  The cumulative weighted GPA shall be based on whatever courses students have completed through the third quarter of the year in which they are graduating. The total number of courses may include courses from ROP, OWE, and community college.  The principal shall appoint a committee to review unique individual student situations that warrant the selection of additional valedictorians and the selection of the salutatorian(s). The committee shall include the counseling and guidance administrator, one counselor, and three teachers.