• RJUHSD Finance Course Information


    Class of 2023: Online course is currently being revised and the first module will be available July 6th. More information will be available at the end of June.



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    Password: network password (same as RJUHSD google)

    Please see the RJUHSD Technology Services site on how to reset your RJUHSD password here: http://rjuhsd.us/Page/1958 or through http://my.rjuhsd.us.
    If you are unable to reset your password (i.e. forgot your security questions) please email help@rjuhsd.us for a manual reset. 

      Need help?

    1. Contact your site counselor or administrator. Click here for contact numbers.

     2. Call the RJUHSD District Office at (916) 786-2051 x 1040 or Marie Criste, (mcriste@rjuhsd.us) Coordinator of Instructional Technology during regular office/school hours 


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the minimum technical requirements?  Minimum technical requirements are a computer that is reasonably current (2009 or newer) with Windows 7, and access to YouTube, which is where most of the videos are embedded. Here is a free tool to check if your computer/browser is up to date/compatible with Blackboard:  Free browser check

    Which web browser is best? Blackboard supports four primary browsers- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  If accessing away from school, please make sure your home computer has the most updated version.  

    Can I get into the class and lessons anywhere?  Yes, all the course content should be available anywhere, anytime, as long as the viewer has an internet connection.

    Can I use the Bb Mobile App to view the course?  Yes. The Bb Mobile app is free.  Download the app from Apple or Andriod store, and when prompted type in Roseville Joint Union High School District.  Use the same username/password as you would to login in to Blackboard Learn.  You can also access Blackboard through our RJUHSD Mobile App.

    Can I take the exams anywhere at any time?  Yes.  Quizzes show up at the end of each lesson and Tests show up at the end of each Unit.

    What does the adaptive release feature mean? Why can I only see Unit 1 when I first login?  Students are not allowed to “move on” to other parts of the course until they pass it with a 70% or higher.  Therefore, you do not see the entire course.  Students have unlimited attempts.

    Who should I call if I have tried everything and can't find an answer to my question?  First, go to the Help button on the left side of the Blackboard course.  There is help there for both technical issues and issues with the course content.  The RJUHSD District Office's phone is listed there.  Please try to resolve issues first through the Help button before calling.  

    Would it be best to email or text someone?   The online form will provide the best online method for people to get help with this course.
    Will I always be able to pick up anywhere I stop in a lesson or exam?  For the most part, yes.  If you are in the middle of a video lesson and you had to leave your computer and turn it off, it won't come back to the same spot.  If you put your computer into "sleep" mode, it should return you to the same spot.

    Do I need to finish any part of the course or test before signing off?  Not really, but if you have finished a lesson, it's probably best to take the quiz at the bottom of each lesson while the info is still fresh to you.

    What if I can't get back on where I left off or if I get cut off?  The course will open up new lessons once you pass the quiz for the first lesson with 70% or better.  If you can't pass the quiz at 70% or better, you have the option of going on to the next Unit, where the first lesson is always open and ready for students to keep moving.

    How can I "unfreeze" the program?  If it locks up right in the middle of something should I exit and shut down completely?  
    Are there other things I should think about or try before losing all my work?  Try first to close Blackboard and then log back in to see if it happens again.  You can always try Control/Alt/Delete and then just shut down the program that's freezing and re-launch it.  Remember there's no work to be turned in, so students shouldn't worry too much if it freezes, and quizzes and tests allow students to take them again.


    Can I just go to the exams or quiz if I feel like I already know the material in any unit?  Yes, you can skip right to the first quiz in Lesson 1, Unit 1, but you must get a 70% or better on the quiz in order for the next Lesson to appear.

    After taking the course the first time, do I see my score and can I just repeat certain parts of the online class without starting over completely?  The only scores that matter are the ones at the end of each lesson and each unit.  To officially "pass" the class, you must get 70% on the final exam, which is only visible for students who have passed other quizzes and tests at 70%.