• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is the library open after school?
      Unless otherwise noted in front of the main doors, the library is open every day until 3:15 PM.
    2. How much is it to print from a computer?  Printing costs 10 cents per page.  Color copies are 50 cents per page.
    3. My book is overdue, so how much will I be fined?
      There is no daily overdue fine. However, after 6 weeks, books will be marked lost and you will be charged the replacement cost. 
    4. Do I need to pay my fine immediately?
      No, you do not. However, all fines must be paid in order to purchase dance tickets. The deadline to pay your fine
      is the end of the term.
    5. How many books can I check out?
      You can check out four books at a time.
    6. When are books due?
      Books are due two weeks after you checked them out.
    7. Are the computers for school work only?
      Yes and no. Students needing to use the computers for academic reasons always have priority. If there are open
      stations, the computers may be used to check email and surf acceptable sites.
    8. Is there a printer in the library?
      Yes, both black/white  and color printers.