Registration: Current Oakmont Students

  • Registration for current OHS students is from January 19-26, 2021
    STEP #1: Review Classes offered by Oakmont HS
    View the OHS Course Catalog and Academic Planning Information (located in the course catalog)
    View the Course Planning Sheet for next school year (see bottom of this website or use the document your 2nd period teacher gave you)
    STEP #2: Complete your Academic Plan in Aeries
    View Step-by-step instructions and complete your Academic Plan.  This is a brand new process for 2021-2022 school year.  
    Students will need to login to their own Homelink account to register for classes (parent accounts will not work for class registration).  
    STEP #3: Submit Four Alternate Classes
    Students have put on their Academic Plan elective courses (classes outside of the minimum graduation requirements in the subject areas of : English, Social Science, Math, World Languages, and Science) as requested for the following school year. There are times that we cannot fit an elective course into a student schedule.
    We use these four alternates to help place students into classes. Please pick carefully and use the Course Catalog to help make your decisions.
    STEP #4: Check for Applications for Classes
    Some classes (Culinary 1, Dance 4, Media Pathway Classes, Student Government, Health Academy, and Library Science) do require an application - please see this webpage for the application. Please fill these out as soon as you register for class.  Students who do not submit the application by the set deadline may not be considered for the course.
    STEP #5: AP and IB Classes
    If you would like to request an AP or IB course for next school year, please complete the AP/IB Commitment form.  Please submit via email to your counselor (scan the signed document and email). 
    Our schedule and teacher staff is based on these student requests. Please consider your classes carefully as once the 20-21 school year ends, students who have signed up for AP or IB classes will not be able to drop a class and possibly will not be able to add in more classes.  Also, please review the AP Program and IB Program website to learn more about these programs.
    STEP #6: TA/TI/Off Campus/Office Aide Requests
    Students must fill out this form, all of these applications are due on the day you meet virtually with your counselor.  Please submit via email to your counselor (scan the document and email).

    Important Dates:

    January 19: 2nd period teachers will hand out course planning sheets to students who are on ground.  Students online can get their planning sheet at the bottom of this webpage ( Planning sheets will not be submitted this year due to COVID-19.  Please keep it for your own records and transfer all information plus other school year planning to the Academic Plan in Aeries.

    January  21, 22, 25 HUB Zoom: Counselors are available for one on one help with the Academic Plan in Aeries from 1:50pm-2:35pm.  Zoom Link:

    January 26 @ midnight: Complete your entire Academic Plan in Homelink for classes. (See step #2 above for instructions.)

    February 1 @ midnight: Google Form for Alternates is submitted

    January 28 - February 26: Current OHS students will meet one on one with their counselor.  This will happen via Zoom either 2nd or 3rd period.  Student's teachers will let them know their assigned date and will help them get into the correct Zoom.


Course Planning Sheets 2021-2022