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      UPDATE as of 05/02/2022: CSU & UC do NOT consider
      SAT/ACT scores in their admissions decisions. For private universities or out-of-state universities, check individual websites to see if they will be using SAT/ACT scores in their admissions decisions.

      You must register online for both ACT and SAT tests.
      ACT: www.actstudent.org


      At this time, registration is open for all students for the fall of 2024.


      SAT registration is open for the 2024-25 testing year. Many colleges consider SAT scores as part of their holistic admission and placement decisions, and your score is a valid way to show what you've learned. Most juniors take their first SAT in the spring, and many take it again in the fall of their senior year to improve their score. It can help you keep your college options open, demonstrate your unique strengths, and even qualify for scholarships.

      Upcoming 2024-25 SAT Dates

      Test Dates Registration Deadlines

      Late Registration Deadlines

      August 24,2024   August 9, 2024 August 13, 2024
      October 5, 2024   September 20, 2024 September 24, 2024
      November 2, 2024   October 18, 2024 October 22, 2024
      December 7, 2024   November 22, 2024 November 26, 2024
      March 8, 2025   February 21, 2025 February 25, 2025
      May 3, 2025   April 18, 2025 April 22, 2025
      June 7, 2025   May 22, 2025 May 27, 2025
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      You have the option to send up to four score reports at no additional charge. More score reports can be added for an additional fee. Scores sent after the testing date will be charged separate fees. Universities use your best scores in admissions decisions, so we recommend sending all scores to selected schools at the time of test registration. To save money and maximize your four free score reports, you can:

      • Send SAT scores to one CSU and they will be available to all CSU schools.

      • Send SAT scores to one UC and they will be available to all UC schools.

      • Use the code 9999 to send SAT scores to the NCAA (for athletic eligibility) 


      SAT & ACT Test Prep Handout
      FREE Prep & Practice Test online at Khan Academy
      Granite Bay & Rocklin Test Prep by GBHS teachers