Dress Code

  • GBHS Dress Code

    Guidelines: Parents or guardians of students have the primary responsibility for establishing and implementing appropriate standards of dress and grooming.  It is Granite Bay High School’s legal and ethical responsibility for establishing a classroom and campus atmosphere that creates the appropriate environment for teaching and learning.  Clothing worn on campus must reflect good taste and a sense of modesty to enhance an atmosphere conducive to learning. The dress code is a tool to ensure that education can take place. By using common sense and good taste students will avoid any problems.

    ·   Extremes in clothing are regarded as disruptive and as a distraction from the learning process and are not permitted.

    ·   Clothing with messages, pictures, or symbols depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, violence or disrespect for members of the opposite sex or differing cultures is regarded as offensive and intimidating and therefore, is not permitted.

    ·   Accessories such as studded or metal belts, wristbands, chains (including wallet chains), and handcuffs are regarded as disruptive, intimidating and dangerous.  These items are not permitted.

    ·   Failure to comply with dress code guidelines and policy is considered a Level 2 infraction as outlined in Standard Disciplinary Consequences.

    General Dress Policy

    1.  Garments must be neat, clean and in good repair. 

    2.  Pants, shorts and skirts must fit properly at the waist, above the hipbones. Underwear should not be      

         visible. No Sagging.

    3.  Footwear must be worn at all times, per state law.

    4.  Shirts and tops must cover the entire torso, including chest, back and midriff.  Strapless dress and tube tops, halter-tops, back-less tops, scoop-neck tops, low ‘V-neck’ tops, half shirts, and muscle shirts are not appropriate. Underwear should not be visible.

    5.  Shorts, skirts and dresses must be appropriate in length. The buttocks may not be exposed at any time. (P.E. clothing, including running shorts, leotards, and swim suits are not appropriate in the classroom).

    6.  Wallet chains can be considered weapons, and are therefore prohibited from campus.

    7.  Dark glasses are not permitted in classrooms.

    8.  Clothing and jewelry that imitate gang attire or gang colors is strictly prohibited. 

    Consequences for dress code violations are:

    1)      Change clothing, parent notification, violation will be documented in AERIES

    2)      Change clothing, parent notification, detention assigned and documented in AERIES

    3)      Parent pick up of student and 1 day suspension