Dance & Dress Code Policy

  • The following policies are designed to promote an environment in which all students and adults feel safe and comfortable.  Enforcement of the dress and dance codes are at the discretion of attending Granite Bay High School staff.

    Dance Code Policy

    Students and/or their guests in violation of the Granite Bay High School Dance Code will be immediately removed from the dance and have their parents called, and will be prohibited from attending the next dance.

    • Current student ID Card is mandatory to purchase tickets and attend the dance.  Make-up IDs are $15 at the door.
    • Students must have all work services completed by the Wednesday before the dance, in order to purchase a ticket.
    • Students must have all fines payed by the Wednesday before the dance, in order to purchase a ticket.
    • Tickets will not be sold at the door.
    • Doors will close one hour after dance begins.  Once a student leaves the dance, he/she will not be re-admitted to the dance.
    • Students are to be in designated dance areas.  Students found outside of the designated areas will be escorted off school property.
    • All regulations pertaining to student conduct in school and in dances are in effect.
    • Anyone suspected of substance abuse will not be admitted, will be subject to disciplinary action and will unable to attend the next dance. 
    • No purses, bags or backpacks will be allowed into the dance.  Students may check them into the proper facilities.
    • Guests from other schools will only be admitted with a Guest Pass, a current photo ID and a date who attends GBHS.
    • If a student is removed from the dance for inappropriate dancing, he/she will not be allowed to attend the next dance.
    • Students must be picked up 15 minutes after the dance ends.
    • Students without a dance ticket may not get pictures taken.

    Dress Code Policy for Dances

    Students in violation of the Dress Code will not be allowed to enter the dance.  Students found to be in violation following entrance to the dance will be removed from the dance.

    • All undergarments must be covered at all times
    • Tank tops must fit snugly on the sides and top; no “bandana” shirts may be worn
    • No plunging necklines
    • Midriffs may not show above the belly button
    • Shorts/skirts must be mid-thigh or longer
    • No swim suits may be worn
    • Spandex may only be worn underneath other garments
    • See-through or sheer material may not be worn