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  • Address
    1 Grizzly Way
    Granite Bay, CA, 95746
    Phone: (916) 786-8676
    Fax: (916) 786-0766

    Office Hours
    Mon-Fri 7:15 A.M. - 3:45 P.M.
    Closed on Weekends and School Holidays 

    Principal's Office
    Meagan Swartz, Principal's Secretary
    Ext. 5123 
    Assistant Principal's Office
    Debbie Nordman, Assistant Principals' Secretary
    Ext. 5106

    Quillan Donnis
    Ext. 5107
    Tamara Givens, Activities Director
    Ext. 5507
    College and Career Center
    Teri Keeney, College and Career Tech
    Ext. 5111
    Counseling Office
    Joy Ashwell, Administrative Assistant to Counseling
    Ext. 5101
    Learning Support Specialist
    Robert Saenz
    Ext. 5120
    Wellness Center
    Ext. 5072

    Mary Van Hoomissen
    Ext. 5126

    Registrar/Student Data Manager
    Marie Hollwager
    Ext. 5122

    Resource Officer
    Deputy Shon Schoer
    Ext. 5110

    Student Services
    Kathi Coppedge
    Ext. 5127

    Tim Healy, Athletic Director
    Ext. 5822

    Jason Sitterud, Asst. Athletic Director
    Ext. 5813

    Laura Neal, Administrative Assistant for Athletics
    Ext. 5137