Granite Bay High Boosters Association

  • Greetings Granite Bay High School Parents. On behalf of all the Granite Bay High School Booster Board members, Sub-Booster members and parents, we would like to thank you.

    We thank you for your hard work and dedication in supporting all our Extracurricular Programs. It is only through this generosity and parent commitment that allows us to be so successful.  Our success in having top-notch programs rests solely on the parents and students of this High School. It is this kind of dedication that drives the Master Boosters Association (here after Boosters Association), which supports students in over 25 different Sub-Boosters Clubs.
    The Granite Bay High School Boosters Association is a broadly-based Nonprofit Community Organization, created exclusively for educational purposes and with the meaning of Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1986. The Boosters Association is a separate entity from Granite Bay High School. The Boosters Association is responsible for over-seeing all aspects of the management of all Sub-Booster Clubs for the Roseville Unified District School. 

    The primary purpose of the Boosters Association is to enhance the experiences of students attending Granite Bay High School. Raising and contributing funds to be used for educational and athletic needs, extracurricular programs, and arts activities do this.  The Boosters Association also promotes community support and awareness of various educational, athletic, and extracurricular events at Granite Bay High School.  The Boosters Association is also responsible for the OVERSEEING of those 25 Booster Clubs. It is a primary focus of the Boosters Association to ensure that all policies and procedures are in place and enforced. Failure to comply with the Boosters Association's Policies and Procedures are grounds for revocation of Sub-Booster Club status.

    HOW ARE WE FUNDED: The Boosters Association is Funded by many various programs. For example:
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    WHO BENEFITS: The Boosters Association has helped fund may programs over the years.
    · $13,000 towards the IT on campus
    · $4,000 towards Speech and Debate
    · $10,000 towards new baseball field
    · $2,000 towards Student Government Culture Campaign
    · $5,000 towards the Athletic Weight Room
    Many other contributions towards Dance, Lacrosse, Drama, Academics and many other programs

    · 2009-Contributed $10,000 towards the faculty to help the classrooms directly
    · 2010- Contributed $35,300 towards the faculty to help the classrooms directly, Break Point Program, Baseball Club,
      Athletic Dept. Spirit Group in promoting school unity effort, and for the purchase of a School Marquee for the
    · 2011- 2012 Contributed $40,000 towards the Faculty to help the classrooms direct and for the purchase of a
      School Electronic Marquee, $10,000 towards the Media Department for the purchase of a trailer and $1,800 to
      the cheer program.


    If you have any questions regarding your Booster Club, please feel free to send me an email. If you are interested in volunteering or becoming part of our Board of Directors please feel free to contact us at
    Best Regards, 
    Granite Bay High Boosters Association