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         Every student wishing to participate in athletic activities:  pre-season conditioningtryoutspractices, or contests must be cleared by GBHS Athletics each school year. As a part of the clearance process, every athlete is required to have a yearly physical from a qualified physician one time per school year and register for athletic clearance.  The physical must be dated ON/AFTER May 18, 2021 for the 2021-22 school year. Nothing before this date will be accepted.  Please follow the directions below to complete the online clearance process.
    Sports Physicals for the 2021-2022 school year must be dated on/after May 18, 2021.
    The sports physical form MUST be stamped, signed and dated by the Doctor's Office (MD, DO, NP or PA only), no business cards are accepted, no exceptions.
    • Players must be cleared by GBHS Athletics before they participate in the following events:  pre-season conditioning, tryouts, practices, or contests.
    • Athletic Clearance submitted electronically online only.  No paper copies will be accepted.  Athletes may not participate in activities without clearance. **Please note, clearances are checked manually and can take 48-72 school business hours.
    • Coaches will not collect any clearance paperwork.
    • A 2021-22 school year sports physical is good for all 2021-22 sports seasons (Fall, Winter and Spring). 



    Begin the yearly clearance process on/after May 18, 2021. Please visit the Athletic Clearance online site to get started. You will need to sign up for each sport your athlete would like to participate in, in order for GBHS to see if they have been cleared or not.  Please allow 48-72 school business hours after you’ve uploaded the Sports Physical, Health History, Proof of Insurance and completed all of the online portions for the administration to manually review your account.  An email will be sent clearing your athlete or asking you to provide additional information or uploads.  If you do not receive any email, please follow the directions below – there is also a troubleshoot to walk you through going back after the account has been created to upload the physical form. **Paper copies will not be accepted.  Please do not email, mail, fax or drop off forms to the Athletic Secretary.  Coaches will NOT collect any physicals. All forms must be uploaded to the clearance site by parent/guardian.



    Part One

    1. PLEASE print and bring THIS District Health Exam Form with you to a sports physical appointment (MD, DO, NP or PA ONLY) - Physician's clearance - with Physician, Medical Facility Official Stamp, name and Date is Required on this form. No Exceptions.

    Part Two


    1. Start the online process at Athletic Clearance – http://www.athleticclearance.com
    2. Register for an account – using the parent/ guardian email address.
    3. Get your athletes STUDENT ID # from them or your Homelink account. If you have an incoming freshman and do not have access to your Homelink account please enter "000000".
    4. Once registered, find the Start Clearance Here tab – if you have more than one student-athlete attending GBHS, you will need to register a clearance for each. If your student-athlete plans on playing more than one sport, you will need to add each sport individually.
    5. Fill in all of the information on the student information page – NOTE:  you must have insurance or purchase the school insurance in order for your student-athlete to be cleared. 
    6. Complete the Parent/Guardian Information page.
    7. UPLOAD your completed District Health History and Physical Exam Form , signed and stamped by an MD, DO, NP or PA only, (BOTH pages) to the site toward the bottom on the student information page. Please make sure not to load it only into the library, but into the spot for the physical itself.   There are 3 spots for Physical and Health History information to be uploaded. Use Additional Form area for any extra physical uploads, if needed. **Please do not email, mail or drop off forms to the Athletic Secretary.  No paper copies are accepted.  *Coaches will NOT collect any physicals.
    8. Upload a copy/picture of insurance card in Proof of Insurance area.
    9. The student/athlete AND the parent will need to electronically “sign” (First and Last Name) the designated and required sections, making sure it does not auto-populate one name.
    10. Submit the clearance. Add each sport your student will play. 
    11. Your athletes' account will be reviewed manually. (This can take up to 48-72 school business hours, as all clearances are done manually)


    Please make sure all uploads are in the correct designated areas, or clearance will be denied until modifications have been made.


    *ONLY 3 items must be uploaded to Athletic clearance account:

    • Sports Physical -  upload to Physical Form area only
    • Health History - upload to Physical Form area only (or Additional forms if needed)
    • Proof of Insurance (picture of card is sufficient) - upload to Proof of Insurance area only


    Part Three

    1. You will receive an email stating that your child has been CLEARED by GBHS Athletics or Denied, if you are missing items. This can take up to 48-72 school business hours, as all clearances are checked manually. The coach will be checking clearances before the athlete may participate.
    2. If your athlete would like to participate in more than one sport, each sport must be signed up for individually. Simply click on the “Start Clearance Here!” and when you hit the “Student Information” page, select your athlete on the drop down option. Most information is saved, including your physical, but some will require you to resubmit. Go through the medical history, parent/guardian info and signatures to be cleared for the additional sports.
    3. If you need to go back and add a sport, please log into account.  Go to Shop/View, click either to Donate Now or Choose Not to Donate, then choose additional sports/activities.  

    **Please note that if your student plays multiple sports, you will be required to register for those sports as well.  All sports will be open to sign-up during the summer.  If you do not sign-up for a particular sport, the student-athlete will not show up on the cleared roster for the coach and will not be allowed to participate.

     Athleticclearance.com Registration video – http://cartyws.wistia.com/medias/auqpoq4kv6


    The sports physical form MUST be stamped, signed and dated by the Doctor's Office (MD, DO, NP or PA only), no business cards are accepted, no exceptions.