• Preliminary Tournaments:
    There are 5 preliminary tournaments offered in the Sacramento Valley Forensic League - two "A" panel events with debate and two "B" panel events with debate and one called the A/B Mix (without debate). The league offers an automatic qualification spot for the one student who can go undefeated in debate for all four tournaments. The contests are held at four different high schools in the league. 

    State Qualifying Tournaments:
    Each league sponsors a state-qualifying tournament, usually in March or April of each year. The purpose is to identify the top 3-4 students in each event. These students will represent the league at the State Tournament of Champions held in May. The Sacramento Valley Forensic League sponsors three State Qualifying Tournaments: a debate state qual, a congress state qual and an individual events state qual. 

    These tournaments are held at colleges or universities primarily as recruitment vehicles. College professors and college speech students judge our entries in novice and varsity competition in all events. The rules are rarely different. Most contests require overnight stays and will require prior competition in league contests. This type of competition allows a student to preview colleges before applying for admission, while sampling statewide competition. Because of the cost and liability of such a contest, participation is at the total discretion of the coach. 

    State Championship:
    Held every year in a different geographic region, and most often on a college campus, this May tournament is held to identify the best of the best in each of the 11 styles of speech events and Team, LD, Congress and Parli. Coaches, local adults, and college students judge the tournament. The competition is very strong and the winners receive $1,000 scholarships. 

    NCFL National Tournament:
    Alternating locations between Washington DC, New York, and Boston, the National Catholic Forensic League offers a tournament every year during Memorial Day weekend. The tournament requires that competitors qualify through a qualifying meet, usually held in February. 

    NFL Nationals:
    Held in a different geographic region each year, this tournament occurs in June, after graduation and lasts for a week. To qualify for NFL Nationals, a student must be a National Forensic League member. Each chapter has a limited number of spots and participation in the April qualifier is at the discretion of the coach. The decision is made based on State Qualification results and NFL points earned. - See more at: