Competition Rules

  • Competition Procedures: Speech and Debate Team
    In the interest of making sure you know what to except and provide, I'd like to answer the following most often asked questions. I am confident that you are prepared to present yourselves professionally and I'm proud of your work and commitment! -Mrs. P

    What do I wear?

    Generally, speech competition is a formal activity. You will feel more comfortable wearing what you might wear to a church function. Your judges will be parents and teachers who enjoy seeing students who have made an effort to present themselves in a professional manner. 

    Young men: Pressed, long-sleeve shirt, tie, slacks, leather belt that matches your dress shoes. Sport coat if at all possible. A popular combination is khaki slacks, white shirt, tie, and blue blazer. You would not feel uncomfortable in a suit with a power tie. If you debate, bring a leather attaché case. Expository and humorous are more casual, so slacks, a pressed shirt and tie are adequate. No tennis shoes. No costumes. Tie required. 

    Young women: In orator, extemp, and debate, consider a dark suit with an intense color blouse. A small heel (with a more comfortable shoe for between rounds) is a necessity. Please do not bring or wear slippers. If you debate, bring a leather attaché case/ A nice pants suit is a more casual alternative for humorous, expository, or duo. If you are in duo, make sure you coordinate with your partner. Skirt length: Street length. No bare midriff.

    When and where do I arrive?

    Being prompt is essential. We put our team in danger of disqualification if we do not arrive on time. Arrive at the parking lot next to the library no later than the agreed-upon time, posted 4 days before the tournament in the speech room. Call Mrs. P at 847-5734 if there are any problems. If your parent has volunteered to help us, remind them we are counting on every adult, so that we will not have to cut the team. There is a $25 fine for each drop made the day of the tournament, which you will pay if you fail to show.

    Where are we going and how are we getting there?

    Check your schedule for specific destination. We will travel via school van or bus. RJUHSD does not allow team participants to drive themselves to their competitions. If you plan to travel with a parent, or if you plan to leave early, you need to clear this with Mrs. Prichard prior to Saturday. Attendance at awards is expected. Granite Bay receives its awards in tournament dress. When we return to school there will be a dinner option, if you wish to celebrate with the team.

    What am I going to eat all day?

    Snacks and food are available, but do not expect a wide variety Bring $20 for lunch and dinner. Bring your own lunch, if you have special dietary needs. A bottle of water is a good idea.

    What is the schedule and how will I know what to do?

    The schedule of the day and a school map will be available before departure. Bring it with you! Advanced Granite Bay competitors will help you get to your first rounds. Mrs. Prichard will be in the tabulation room (clearly marked) if you need her help or support. You cannot come into the tabulation room, but stand at the door and she will come right over to you ASAP.

    How am I expected to conduct myself?

    You represent Granite Bay High School. What you say to and about others is a reflection of our team values. Lose gracefully and be an even better winner. Encourage everyone to do his or her best. Although winning is an important competitive goal, remember that the experience and fun is what you will remember. Do not leave the campus alone. Do not miss a round of competition. See Mrs. Prichard if you have questions or concerns. Do not talk to the judges or enter a room before the judge arrives. Respectful behavior will guarantee you respectful treatment.