Classroom Rules

  • Rules & Regs: Classroom Policies
    Since a competitive forensics class is unlike just about any other class that you'll take this year, there are some rules and procedures that are unique to this class. The following list covers the items you'll need to know and do to help make this program a success. 

    • Three-ring binder: You will be given a lot of information in class in order to prepare you for your first tournament. Therefore, you will need a 3-ring binder and plenty of paper for this class. You will also need a pencil and pens in at least two different colors of ink (blue and red, for example). Please bring your binder and materials to class every day. 

    • Courtesy: You will be speaking in front of your classmates often throughout the course of the year, so please be courteous and direct your attention to them. This is of paramount importance because you will be learning from each other as we go along through peer evaluation. 

    • Meet deadlines: In forensics, deadlines are given in order to keep tournaments and classes running smoothly. Consequently, when you are given deadlines for turning in assignments or having speeches prepared, or assigned times to arrive at tournaments, it is imperative that you meet those deadlines. If you aren't prepared with assignments, I can't help you, and you've wasted time and opportunity. 
    • Speeches are due one (1) week before a tournament: This means that a typed (or appropriately cut) copy is turned in to Mrs. Prichard, the speech is memorized and you are ready for the "fine tuning" necessary for success. 

    • Clean as you g Clean up your materials at 2:25 p.m., return the desks and chairs to their original locations, and return books, neatly, to the cupboards before dismissal on class "work-days".