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    Teaching Books Resources


    TeachingBooks is a wonderful literacy resource for your students. Students can listen to and/or watch authors read excerpts from their novels, listen in on author interviews, and more. Permanent links that do not require an account or student login can easily be shared with students through Google Classroom, bookmarks, links, flyers, social media, etc...

    Click on the image above to set up your account.  You must sign up with your school email and then you can set up your personal account and start sending students great links to all types of books.

    New Feature: Transcriptions

    Effective today, all of our English-language Author Name Pronunciations and Book Readings have transcriptions! Enabling...

    • Accessibility for those who cannot use audio resources
    • Highlighting of the spoken word — students can now visually follow along
    • Google Translate of the copy for more than 100 languages — creating accessibility for non-English speaking patrons
    • Audio anchoring — activate the audio and highlighting from any location of the recording
    • Transcripts for printing, previewing, and research — with MLA 8 citation auto-created, too!


    Britannica Teacher Resource Packs


    Click on the image above to start setting up your personal Britannica account and create Resource Packs that you can share with your students. You can upload primary sources, articles, vetted website links, images, videos, and more to a unit folder. The entire folder can then be shared with students or posted on Google Classroom.


    Sacramento Bee & El Nuevo Herald Teacher Resources 

    This website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core and other college and career ready standards. It includes practical tools designed to help students and teachers see their hard work deliver results.
    Student Log-in for the Sacramento Bee is:  Class ID 2843, Password:  lewis
    The website also has several student resource links that are useful. 

    Printable Library Bookmarks for Students

    General Library Info

    Database Logins

    Teacher and Librarian Collaboration 
    Research shows that students improve their reading skills, achievement scores, and information, media, and ICT (technology) literacy skills by a greater percentage when their teachers collaborate with the librarian (Gormley & McDermott, 2015; Lance, 2002; Loertscher, 2014).
    How Can Your Librarian Help You and Your Students?
    Let us be your information Sherpas!  
    We are here to help you and your students navigate our complex information landscape.
    As fully credentialed school librarians and teachers, we are your partners in information literacy instruction!
    Click here for a menu of our services!
    Library Services Menu
    Complete the following Google Form to let me know your ideas and needs for collaboration.
    If you prefer, just e-mail me or stop by on your prep to chat.
    Let's get students inquiring, engaging, exploring, collaborating, curating, thinking, creating, sharing, and growing!


    Library Reservations

    1. Check the calendar (scroll to the bottom of the page) for availability

    2. Fill out a Google Form OR Call x6052 OR Swing by the library to chat in person. 

    Really, whatever is easiest for you. We are full service around here!


    Textbook Procedures and Class Sets

    Beginning and End-of-Term circulation sign-ups will be available on a Google sheet that will be sent to you via email.


    Mid-Term Textbook Circulation Sign-ups:

    1. Check the calendar (below) for availability. You can also view the stand-alone calendar for textbooks using the link below the Google calendar.
    2. Fill out a Google Form OR
      Call x6052 OR 
      Swing by the library to set up a date and time in person. 

      Whatever is easiest for you!

    Textbook Class Set Request Form: 

    1. Fill out a Google Form to request additional textbooks for your class set or to remove textbooks from your class set. We will deliver or pick them up for you!



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