Senior Transcript Requests

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    GRADUATES of Antelope High School

    You've been accepted to college CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Many of you have all ready received your acceptance letters or emails from the college/university they will be attending. The most important step left to do for finalizing your acceptance and to also receive any scholarship funds or financial aid is .....request that your final transcripts be sent off. Your counselor, nor your Registrar are notified of where you are going to college, please do not assume this and forget to have your final transcripts sent because of this reason!!! Your college wants to see your final grades and in many cases without this you may not get to pick your Fall classes with them or your financial aid will be held up or scholarships will be put on hold, DO NOT FORGET TO MAKE YOUR REQUST!!!

    Seniors please obtain a Senior Transcript Request Form at the Front Office from either Mrs. Odd or Mrs. Huntington; or you may download the Senior Request form below.

    Senior Request Form

    The most important part to remember is that every Senior requesting transcripts will be mailed by Antelope High School. The front office will be closed for the summer which is why Antelope High School will be mailing out transcripts for you to colleges and scholarship organizations. This means you need to make sure the envelope has a stamp on it (extra postage is required if you are sending more than 4 pieces of paper in one regular envelope) and that it has all of the correct information for the University or College name and full address see picture below. Please make sure you call the college or go to their website to find the exact address for sending final transcripts if you put the general school address Admissions will not receive it! Finally, please fill out the envelope in PEN, do not use pencil - please use the envelope below as your guideline on where to put the school address - otherwise the U.S. Postal Service may not deliver your letter.

    Senior transcript envelope

    Please see Mrs. Scuka the Registrar if you have any questions on final transcripts, or you may call 916•726•1400 extension 6020. In order to process transcript requests all fines and fees must be paid or cleared, all books returned, and any team uniforms returned.