• Is every Monday a Collaboration Day?

    Yes, unless it’s a holiday.

    What time does school start?

    School starts at 7:45am.

    What time does school let out?

    On a normal day, students are out at 2:35pm.
    On Collaboration days, students are out at 1:35pm.
    On minimum days and finals days, students are out at 12:11pm.

    When are the lunch breaks?

    On a normal day, 1st lunch is from 10:57 – 11:27, 2nd lunch is from 12:31 – 1:01
    On a collaboration day, 1st lunch is from 10:25 – 10:55, 2nd lunch is from 11:45 – 12:15
    On minimum days and finals days, there is no lunch break, only a short “nutrition break”

    Can I purchase something from the Student Store?

    Yes. The Student Store is open during both lunch breaks. Just sign in at the front desk, get a visitor’s badge, then go shopping!

    Where is the student store located?

    Inside the Cafeteria.

    Am I able to come onto campus to purchase items at the Student Store?

    During school hours, all visitors, parents, community members, etc., must first sign in at the Front Office for a Visitor’s Pass.

    What are the hours of the Student Store?

    Tues, Wed, Fri, during both lunches