We are excited to begin the enrollment process for the Class of 2026.  On this page you will find important information about how to enroll your student at Roseville High School, how to select courses, important upcoming events, and registration documents.  Please follow the steps below to register your student at RHS.  


    STEP 1:  Attend Parent Orientation Meeting & High School On The Hill Night - February 1st, 6:00pm to 8:00pm - at Roseville High School

    During this event, students and parents will learn about Roseville High School's outstanding academic programs, athletics, clubs and activities through interactions with teachers, coaches and RHS students.  You will also listen to a presentation during which you'll learn more about how high school works, how to select courses at RHS, and how to complete the enrollment process.


    The RHS Counselors will be doing an overview of the entire registration process.  This overview will be livestreamed at https://youtu.be/smWscwR_MGY




    STEP 2:  Complete the Online Enrollment process to enroll your student at RHS (Due 2/10/22)

    Every student must be enrolled at RHS using our district's online process. Please click on the link below to complete the online enrollment process.  

    CLICK HERE to complete the online enrollment process


    For step by step instructions, please view the ONLINE ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS


    Need help uploading documents using a mobile device? 

    Apple Instructions                           Android Instructions


    STEP 3: Review Classes offered by Roseville HS

    View the ACADEMIC PLANNING GUIDE for information about the classes offered at RHS, extensive course descriptions, graduation and UC/CSU a-g requirements, courses of study, and sample 4-year plans. 


    STEP 4:  Complete the Academic Planning sheet to choose your classes for 9th grade (Due by 2/8/22 or 2/10/22, depending on your scheduled enrollment night)


    CLICK HERE if you need another copy of the academic planning sheet.  You will get an official version of this at High School On The Hill Night.


    STEP 5:  Enrollment Nights - FEBRUARY 8th and 10th, 4:30pm to 7:30pm 


    During this event, you will submit your academic planning sheet, then meet with a counselor, administrator or teacher to review your student's academic plan.


    Last names   A - D   4:30 - 6:00  February 8th

    Last names   E - L    6:00 - 7:30  February 8th

    Last names   M - R   4:30 - 6:00  February 10th

    Last names   S - Z    6:00 - 7:30  February 10th