Roseville High School

    Physical Education Policies




    Students must purchase a Roseville High School Physical Education Uniform (shirt and shorts). Uniforms can be purchased from the student store located by the pool. A complete uniform consists of:


    • A gray RHS PE shirt and black RHS P.E. shorts with last name on each in black ink. No other writing on the uniform is permitted.
    • Athletic shoes and socks
    • During cold weather students may wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants (RHS P.E. uniform must be worn underneath)


    P.E. uniforms must be worn by the owner only. If a student is found to be wearing another student’s clothes he/she will be given a non-dress.


    If any part of the P.E. uniform is lost, you must replace it immediately. Failure to do so will affect your grade.


    Loaner Clothes:


    The P.E. staff at RHS will provide a loaner uniform for students who forget their P.E. clothes. After the third time of getting loaners the student will be given in a disciplinary referral to the office to see an administrator. Students must have their own student ID card to check out loaners. Each time a student gets loaners their student ID will be hole- punched and returned to the student at the end of the period once the student returns the loaner clothes.




    Students must dress in order to participate in P.E. Each non-dress lowers a students’ grade by 60 points.




    Students are required to make-up any missed class time. Absences due to field trips and other RHS activities are not excluded. Be aware that missing class time negatively affects your grade in two categories, both participation and aerobic fitness.




    Students must be in the locker room before the tardy bell rings. Students are allowed five minutes after the tardy bell to dress and meet in roll call lines. Students must be dressed out and lined up in their roll call line by the time the P.E. tardy bell rings. Students that are tardy will result in a 5 point reduction from their grade. 


    P.E. Makeups:


    P.E. makeups are for any points lost throughout the grading period. Make ups will be offered during ROAR.


    Medical Excuses:


    A note from the doctor excuses a student from dressing and participating in P.E. After four weeks, however, a no-credit must be issued, and the student will be required to make up P.E.  Doctor’s notes are to be taken to the school nurse prior to class.



    Locker Room:


    Each student will be assigned a locker. Students may use their small locker to store P.E. uniform and sportfolio. During their P.E. period only, students may the long dressing lockers. Students are not to give out their lock combination to anyone or share lockers. Students are responsible for their own valuables. Roseville High School accepts no responsibility for materials damaged, lost, or stolen from students’ lockers. Please leave all valuables at home!


    Off Limits:


    Students are not allowed in any P.E. facility without a teacher present. This includes P.E. locker rooms, offices, weight room, swimming pool, storage areas, portables, and gyms. The locker rooms are off limits throughout the day except during passing periods. The locker room will be locked during class time. Students caught in the locker room will be referred to the office.


    Exiting Physical Education:


    Students are to exit P.E. through the locker room doors out to the designated areas. Students are not excused from those areas until the bell rings. Students who wander the campus before the bell rings will be issued a cut and will have to make it up.











    Use appropriate

    language and tone with everyone

    Respect others’ personal space and property

    Follow and respond appropriately to directions

    Be present - physically and mentally

    Be prepared for class each day with assignments and materials

    Take an active, positive role in classroom activities

    Be mindful of others’ feelings, opinions, and experiences

    Help those around you

    Keep your workspace clean and organized

    Be on time and ready to learn

    Write down due dates for all classes

    Use technology responsibly

    Be proactive

    Classroom Routine/Behavioral Expectations

    Entering the Classroom

    How can students be welcomed to the class?

    Students will enter their locker room prior to the tardy bell ringing.  They will be expected to dress out in their PE clothes and get to the gym 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings.  Students will need to lock up all valuables and leave their phones in their locker before heading to the gym.

    Starting the Class

    How can instruction begin quickly?

    As students enter the gym from dressing out they will be expected to sit in their assigned roll call spot and wait for their teacher to take roll call.

    Working Independently

    What are the expectations for students when they are working independently?

    You need to use their time wisely. When working independently, you are expected to work quietly, remaining on-task until the assignment is completed.

    Working in Groups

    What are the expectations for students when they are working in groups?

    You are expected to collaborate with other students in class; this will entail being a cooperative member, being an equal contributor, remaining on task, respecting everyone’s opinion and ability levels.  All students should feel safe working in this class.

    Asking for Help

    How will students ask the teacher for help?

    In-Class: raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    Outside Class: come before school, after school, or ROAR Priority period for additional help.

    End of Class

    What does the last 5 minutes of class look like?

    The bell does not excuse you, the teacher does.  Students are expected to clean up all equipment before being excused by the teacher.  After students dress back into their clothes at the end of the period they are expected to wait within the yellow lines by their locker room until the school bell rings.







    Other Conduct Rules:


    • No food or drinks are allowed in the locker rooms, gyms, or P.E. facilities.


    • No gum, cleats, or muddy shoes in gyms or locker rooms.


    • Profanity is not tolerated


    • Do not abuse equipment or facilities. Students will be required to pay for any damages!


    • Do not alter P.E. clothes in any way.




    • NO BACKPACKS allowed in class (lock it up in your locker)






    Students will be graded in the following categories


    •           Participation/Daily Dynamic Warm Up.   

    •           Aerobic Fitness                                           

    •           Written Assignments/Skill


    Each student will have the opportunity to earn points in the following ways:


                +10 points each day (participation/social responsibility)

                +5 points each day for the daily dynamic warm up

                +20 points each skill test (skill assessment)

                +30 points each fitness run (aerobic fitness)

                +20 points each written assignment and or written test




    This category includes non-dresses, non-participations, cuts, absences, profanity, disruptive behavior, sportsmanship, and tardies. These points are worth approximately 50% of their total grade.


    Aerobic Fitness:


    These points are worth approximately 40% of their overall grade. Students will perform selected aerobic activities weekly. Each graded aerobic activity is worth 30 points.



    Written Work/Skill Assessment/Social Responsibility:


    Students will be given skills tests and/or written assignments in various units to show competency in rules, strategies, and movement skills. Students will also be assessed in areas of social responsibility. This category is worth approximately 10% of the P.E. Grade.


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