• Length2 weeks
    Will Need
    Swim suit, towel, goggles if you have sensitive eyes, hair tie or swim cap if you have long hair
    Strokes, water safety, survival swim, water polo, conditioning laps and games in accordance with the California Physical Education Standards
    Over 90% of the swim unit grade is being in the water, participating. Skills and strokes will be checked. Absences, appointments, personal problems (no towel, etc.) are NOT excused and must be made up or grade will be affected.
    Students with a health limitation may, with a doctor's recommendation, be excused from P.E. or placed in a modified program. Students must take their doctor's note to the nurse. Students may then be transferred to another activity.
    Grading Rubric

    Participation    Effort/CO-operation
    and days missed after make-ups        
    0-1 dayA,A-
    -2 daysB
    -4 daysD
    -5+ daysFail swim unit
    -10 daysFail semester

    Make-up days days will be announced in class and posted. Days and times will vary. Can make up one day for each day out of the water. Make-ups will usually consist of laps (the number determined by the teacher).
    Snapping other students with a towel is not permitted.
    No diving is allowed in the shallow end of the pool. 
    Starting blocks to be used only with teacher's permission.
    Pushing, dunking, horseplay, unsafe or rude behavior is not allowed.
    Do not chew gum in the pool.
    Long hair must be tied back securely.
    Following dismissal from the pool, remain in your locker room area until the go bell. Leaving the waiting area early constitutes a class cut.