• Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge

    Standard 1 
    The student will be competent in many movement activities.

    Students who meet this standard will be able to:

    • Show basic competence in soccer,flag football,basketball,square dance,track, and field,tumbling,softball,and swimming.
    • Students will demonstrate their competence through self and peer assessments or an acceptable grade on a rubic-based skill evaluation.
    Standard 2
    The student will understand how and why one moves in a variety of situations and will use this information to enhance his or her skills.
    • Identify the characteristics of highly skilled performance in a few movement forms.
    • Understand the relationship between biomechanical principles and movement.(This standard will be met through lecture,discussion and demonstration in every unit.)
    • Assess the movement skills of self and others.(Peer and self-assesments will be completed and included in PE folder.)
    • Analyze basic defensive strategies in games and sports.(This standard will be met through situational analysis.)
    Standard 3
    The student will achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness.
    • Understand the physiological and social benefits of a healthy,active lifestyle.
    • Assess and analyze their personal fitness.
    • Set goals to meet current health-related fitness standards.
    • Apply principles of training in designing a personal fitness program.
    • Participate in a variety of physical activities appropriate for enhancing physical fitness. (This will b accomplished through daily participation in all the units.)

    The following assignment will be used to meet this standard.

    Integrated with Health

    Self-image and Personal Development

    Standard 4
    The student will exhibit a physically active lifestyle and will understand that a physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment,challenge,and self-expression.
    • Analyze and compare health and fitness benefits derived from various physical activities.(Integrated with Health)
    • Identify the ways which physical activity can provide opportunities for positive social interaction and enjoyment.
    • Participate in variety of physical activities in order to achieve personal goals.
    Standard 5
    The student will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.
    • Act independently of peer pressure.
    • Explain why and how rules make participation in physical activity safe.
    • Apply safe practices,rules,and procedures in all physical activity setting.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

    The Following assignments and tasks will be used to meet this standard:

    1. Students will demonstrate safety rules and procedures for in-class activities.
    2. Students will evaluate their own sportsmanship.
    Social Development Standard 6
    The student will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities. The student will understand the importance of respect for all others.
    • Resolve conflicts in appropriate ways.
    • Participate in peer coaching for development of physical education skills and knowledge.
    • Participate in activities representing different cultural backgrounds.

    The following assignments and tasks will be used to meet the standard:

    1. All unit instruction will address and discuss appropriate ways to resolve conflict.
    2. Students will participate in peer assessments of movement in various units.
    Standard 7
    The student will understand the interrelationship between history and culture and games,sports,and career opportunities.
    • Describe events in history that have had an impact on current physical education programs,sports,and career opportunities.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of how sport and dance influence American culture.
    • Understand the historical trends in fitness participation and activities.

    The following assignments and tasks will be used to meet this standard.

    1. Students will discuss various impacts of history and/ or culture on activities.