*To further an understanding of healthy lifestyle choices and the long term effects

    *To further develop self-responsibility and healthy decision-making

    *To further an understanding and learning of health and wellness

    *Further develop cooperative/collaborative work skills.

                *Further develop personal responsibility

                *To further develop communication skills: written, oral, speaking & listening

    Health & Safety Curriculum Overview


    Quarter 1

    Introduction (Chapter 1):

    Ø      Know the three aspects of wellness that promote and support a healthy lifestyle.

    Mental Health Objectives (Chapter 2-4):

    Ø      Understand one’s own personality/learning styles and others.

    Ø      Understand the importance of self-acceptance and the possible destructive outcomes of negative self-image.

    o        Eating Disorders

    o        Suicide

    o        Depression

    Ø      Understands the importance of using stress management, time management, and goal setting (use planner).

    Ø      Displays knowledge of mental disorders

    Social Health Objectives (Chapter 5-7):

    Ø      Demonstrates a respect and understanding for the diverse family structures.

    Ø      Describes essential elements for

    a) Healthy relationships with peers, family, school, and community and

    b) Effective communication skills

    Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco (Chapter 19-21):

    Ø        Displays understanding of the destructive psychological effects of alcohol, drugs & tobacco use in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    Ø      Understands the negative impact and possible outcomes of peer pressure & societal influences when choosing to engage in alcohol, drugs & tobacco

    Ø      Students will be able to list 3-5 resources for intervention


    Quarter 2

    Physical Health Objectives (Chapter 8,9,12-18,22-27):

    Ø      Understands the importance of personal hygiene & how pathogens enter/effect the body

    Ø      Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between nutrition & fitness

    Ø      Describes communicable & chronic diseases and ways to prevent them

    Ø      Identifies risk behaviors

    Ø      Describes common emergencies & procedures to follow in emergency situations

    Ø      Demonstrates an understanding in the following areas of Sex Ed:

    o        Anatomy

    o        Endocrine System

    o        Teen Pregnancy: impact on teens life

    o        Dating violence/Date Rape/Drugs

    o        Sexual Harassment

    o        Contraceptive methods

    Injury Prevention and First Aid Objectives (Chapter 28-29):

    Ø      Identify factors that reduce risks of accidents

    Ø      Recognize emergencies and respond appropriately 

    ****Note: Driver Education is no longer offered in the Health and Safety curriculum. Optional Driver Education courses will be offered throughout the school year before and after the school day.  See your teacher for more information.

    Important Classroom Policies And Procedures


    Ø      TEXTBOOKS: All students are required to cover their textbook.  Do not write on your book cover or use any permanent type of book covering. Be careful how you use tape when covering your book. The condition of all textbooks will be assessed and recorded upon checkout. Students will be fined for any and all damage to their assigned text. All students will be fined the cost of the text of $75 if lost. All fines must be paid prior to graduation or checking out of RHS.


    Ø      GRADING:         

    Grading Scale:                                      Grade Distribution:

    A= 90-100%                                                   Assignments & Homework                   45%

    B= 80-89%                                                      Tests, Quizzes & Projects                     40%

    C= 70-79%                                                     Final Exam                                           15%

    D= 60-69%    

    F= 59% & below                                            

    *F= NO CREDIT Term must be repeated to get credit.


    Ø      LATE WORK: All assigned work is due at the beginning of class. Late assignments are subject to teacher discretion depending on activity, its importance and the circumstances. Meeting deadlines is an important part of your responsibilities as a student and future employee.


    Ø      ABSENCES: It's your responsibility for determining and completing work missed due to ANY KIND of absence. You can get missed assignments by asking another student or checking with the teacher.

    *Students who know they will be absent due to class trips, meetings, athletic/special events        must prearrange to turn in assignments or your work will be counted as late. NO EXCEPTIONS! 


    Ø      FAILING GRADES: When a student earns a D or F grade, we have found that it is usually due to one or more of the following:

    Missing too many assignments or they are done poorly/incomplete

    Directions not followed

                            Failed to meet deadlines/due dates

    High rate of absences/tardiness


    Uncooperative attitude

    Ø      SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS-The following is a list of movies students may be shown as they relate and support our Health Education Curriculum. We feel it is important to be current and relevant in the education of our students. We will also have speakers visit the classes covering a variety of topics.

    Teen Files: Surviving High School

    Perfect Body

    Shallow Hal

    Supersize Me

    Enemy Mine


    She’s Too Young

    Remember the Titans

    Teen Files: Truth About Hate & Violence



    28 Days-alcoholism

    Teen Files: Truth About  Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

    15 & Pregnant

    MTV National Sex Quiz

    The Program


    Teen Files: Truth About Sex

    Miracle of Life


    As Good As It Gets

    What About Bob

    Matthew Sheppard Story

    It Happened to Nancy (novel)

    Anger Management

    Inner Space

    The Womb

    Ø      MATERIALS: Students are responsible for providing 100 3x5 note cards, all writing paper, and pen/ pencil. These need to be with you every day.






        DeMello                Errecart            Galamgam


    Period:             1          2          3          4


    Health & Safety

    Course Syllabus 09-10












    Parents & Students:




    After you have read and discussed the course syllabus, please sign and return to your teacher.


    Your signature means that both student and parent have read, discussed and understand the material in the Health & Safety course material.

                1.         Student expectations

                2.         Grading

    3.                  Give permission for my student to watch the material listed under supplemental materials. Please note some of these are R rated. Please contact your student’s teacher if you have questions or concerns.

    4.                  Viewing of Sex Ed materials is on an appointment basis only.





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